There aren't many Etsy shops that inspire me with their product shots... Nope. Not like fieldguided. I not only want the product, but I also want the photo of it to hang on my wall. Okay, I'll settle with pinning everything. Majorly in love with you, fieldguided.fieldguided

One. I think it's something like, grainy black & white photos + flowers = vintage romance. So gorge.

Two. Don't blame it on me, blame it on my wild heart. Love this tote with a handprinted line from "Wild Heart" by Stevie Nicks... the tote is better than the song. Hands down.

Three. Dream Cats calendar - ermahgerd, I love it... AND $2 from each calendar sold will be donated to the World Society for the Protection of Animals. Love it even more.

Four. Ok, this is what I was talking about. Not only would I buy that tote, but I'd buy this photo. So clever. I wonder where they get these ideas...

Five. This print was inspired by such an awesome mix of sources - the handprinted graphic was taken from a Victorian stereoview card and the text is from "A Minha Menina" by the Brazilian band Os Mutantes.

Six. Okay, I like cat things... but COOL cat things, alright, not just any gadget, doodad, or thingamabob with a kitty. I have standards, gah. The Mini Meow tote with "meow" in 10 languages would definitely be consider a cool cat thing...

Seven. I think my favorite language is French... it was my minor in college and I always love prints and such with French phrases on them. Apparently, "Vu de l'extérieur" is the name of a Serge Gainsbourg album. It can mean "seen from the exterior" or "exterior view."



Which fieldguided gem is your favorite?

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