Happy Monday and almost Halloween, friends. We're gettin' into the Halloween spirit this week for the last installment of the IN LOVE collab with bedsidesign. Last installment? I know... sad face. Christie has been a pretty rad collaborator. But don't fret, it doesn't end here! We'll both be continuing the series on our own blogs. So next week you'll be seeing all of the thangs I'm in lurve with... I don't know if I can top a Mad Men Halloween party though - AWESOME.

Hey gang, Christie here from bedsidesign. Since week 1 of IN LOVE I knew that this was a great collab. Please come be my friend! Ya’ll are awesome. For reals.

I have a confession to make. I’ve never really gotten into the Halloween thing. *Cue: Gasps* As a kid I wasn’t allowed to celebrate it. It certainly doesn’t help that I am terrified of scary movies and only kind of like vampires [not the sparkly kind]. Since Halloween is this week I decided to stick with my gut and be myself. I’m not into the gory, creepy, and spooky decorations or costumes. Let me just say this is 100% up my alley. Behold, the Mad Men Halloween party.

1. A classy carved pumpkin, gold hints and pretty drinks? Now this is the type of Halloween party I would love to throw. Style Me Pretty always does it right.

2. I’m a huge fan of color coordinating [my dvds and books are all arranged this way] so why not bring that into the dessert?! Gather all black desserts and pumpkins for a visually stimulating display.

3. What’s a party without drinks? The cast of Mad Men is known for always having cocktails and these sure do look amazing.

4. Since I’m not into promoting smoking this cute DIY fills the Lucky Strike shaped hole that we are left with.

5. A Mad Men porter, why not? And if Mr. Don Draper himself were packaging, he would be this packaging...swoons.

6. Fancy and classy. Enough said.

7. Since the hubs and I wish we lived in the Mad Men era anyways, dressin’ up like the Drapers would be a cinch. Plus, I would kill for that hairstyle!

What type of Halloween party would you throw?

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