Happy Monday, friendies! While I'm playing in New Mexico this week (psst I rode on the world's longest tram yesterday!), I've got some suh-weet guest bloggers lined up for ya. First up, Christie of bedsidesign has gotcha covered with our IN LOVE series...

Since Erin is road trippin’ this week we thought it would be fun to talk about some of the things that we love about trekking on the open road.

1. Confession, VW Beetles are my favorite. I’ve never had one but I think they would be the cutest car to take on a road trip and I just loved the suitcase racks on this vintage one.

2. My dating relationship with the hubs was via long distance. He was in Binghamton (then moved even further to Syracuse) and I was in Long Island. That’s an average 5-6 hour drive that we swapped taking almost every weekend so I’m very familiar with road trips. The one thing that I made sure I never forgot no matter what season was a good hoodie. This is actually the one I took with me!

3. I love how adventurous road trips feel and this quote pretty much sums it up. P.S. Did you notice Erin featured an elephant in her roundup as well? Crazy!

4. Whenever I go on a road trip I make sure to bring at least one new CD. What’s a road trip without music? I love how epic each CD gets when you attach it to awesome memories. If I was taking a road trip this week I’d bring the new Mumford & Sons with me.

5. I never would start a road trip without bringing along a cup of coffee. My husband and I have our own personalized Keep Cups that we pretty much take everywhere. Not only can you pick the colors of your cup but they also have the ounces marked on the inside of the cup so that baristas can properly measure your drinks! You know what that means? Discounts for bringing along your own cup and less trash that you have to accumulate in your car. That’s a win win if you ask me!

6. Slip on shoes are a must for me because when I drive long distances I like to do so barefoot. Maybe I feel more connected to the vehicle or maybe it’s just more comfortable [most likely the second option] but when I need to make a pit stop for gas or for a stretch I just want to get out and go. These are the TOMS that I have and they can double for being all fancy or convenient tp pump gas. They are also extremely comfortable.

7. True story: I usually start a road trip in a pair of sweats, hoodie and slip ons. I also start without any make up *gasp*. That’s why the last stop I take before I “arrive” I get out, and get ready! I throw on some jeans, a fancy shirt and my TOMS still look good. One time I took a trip with a friend to visit our boyfriends [now our husbands]. We stopped 10 minutes from their apartment and headed to the rest area bathroom to get ready. While I was putting my makeup on a lady tapped me and asked what I was doing. At the time I was putting on some MAC fluidline eyeliner which I admit looks a bit odd the first time you see it. Well her question turned into me giving her a 10 minute makeup tutorial from putting on eyeliner to curling your eyelashes. My friend got a kick out of it and our boyfriends laughed at us later. Moral of the story? Having a well stocked handy-dandy makeup bag can create memories.

What do you love about taking trips on the open road?

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