spring into summer All the cold and snowy weather (that's right, snow!) around Colorado has me daydreaming of warmer temperatures. Spring, where are you??

If this keeps up, I'm breaking up with Colorado and escaping to a warmer location... somewhere I can bask in the sun, wear some rad sunglasses, and eat ice cream allll day. I think that magical place is called heaven... or southern California.

Hmm I bet if I start tracking these goodies on PoachIt today, they'll be on sale by the time it's warm in Denver. #win.

Want PoachIt to be your shopping sidekick, too? I don't blame you. They're awesome. Follow this link to join the fun, no waiting. #win #again.


01 dress 02 hat 03 sunglasses 04 bag 05 Warhol print 06 sandals

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