polka-dots Who loves polka dots? Raise your hand... I knew it! Me, too. Everything looks better with polka dots. Case in point? This here moodboard.

I love the combination of such a playful pattern with materials like jean, hemp, and leather. The polka dot has grown up, my friends. That satchel is so cute I can't stand it. I'm hoping for an email today from PoachIt telling me that gem is on sale... fingers are crossed. Send me good shopping vibes, everyone.

Speaking of, so many of you were interested in PoachIt I got you an exclusive invitation! No waiting in line for my artsocial crew. Follow this link to join the PoachIt party, yo.

01 chambray boyshirt 02 pillows 03 satchel 04 bangle 05 peep-toe skimmer 06 dinnerware

This post is in partnership with PoachIt. All opinions are my own.