Happy Monday, friends! I hope you're all looking at a short work week as we approach Thanksgiving aka stuffing & mashed potato day. Is there anything better than stuffing and mashed potatoes? I'm actually not a big turkey fan (shhh), so I live for the sides... I started thinking about some of my favorite things about Thanksgiving... here's what I found:

1. Ready. Set. Eat. These are probably the best (and most honest/accurate) Thanksgiving invitations ever. Love.

2. SO. I'm really not a great cook... not even a good cook... ok not a cook at all. I can make oatmeal and bagels. That's about the extent of my kitchen skillz. BUT for Thanksgiving, I've always been asked to bring something. When I was younger, I was in charge of rolls... but now, now I'm in charge of green bean casserole. That's right. I'm moving up. Maybe if I had this uh-mazing green dress and green kitchen, I'd cook more... no? (Photographed by Ditte Isager)

3. I love Thanksgiving because it gives me an excuse to reflect and think about all the things I'm grateful for, all the joyous and the maybe not-so-joyous things that are happening in my life. I basically do this on the daily, but it feels like you have to do it on Thanksgiving. This tattoo is the jam.

4. This is the most awesome Thanksgiving-related art print ever... fact. 24K Gold Wishbone by Gilded Mint.

5. I love stuffing, did I mention that already? I could really eat stuffing all year round... hmm why don't I?

6. Such a great photo, yes? It perfectly captures the essence of Thanksgiving... the autumn colors and fancy clothes, the feeling of togetherness and love. Perfect. It just needs a plate of stuffing.

7. Another adorbs Thanksgiving card. Salmon pink and light blue really go well together... just like stuffing and mashed potatoes.


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