Is there anything better than getting a letter in the mail? YES. Getting handmade inspiration from one of your best bloggy friends, complete with star-shaped confetti and a handwritten note (folded old school style where you pull the tab and the letter unfolds). Yeah. That's better.

A while back Louise of Laid Off Mom and I decided to mail each other letters full of inspiration and motivation. Nothing expensive, nothing fancy.... and, ya know, it was the BEST thing I got in the mail all week. And that's saying a lot cuz I had ordered two pairs of shoes online.

L's letter totally made my day... maybe even my week. Last week was tough. In this blogging game it's so easy to feel unsure of yourself. I am so incredibly grateful to have stumbled into a community of strong, supportive, and endlessly inspiring bloggers. I heart you all so much. Wow, sorry to get all emo. All that from a letter, powerful huh?  Let's write more letters.

Oh! and guess what Laid Off Mom and I are planning for next Tuesday?? Guess. Nope, I'm not telling you. You'll just have to wait until Tuesday... omigah you're gonna love it.


P.S. - I'm so not used to writing letters, I actually typed out my letter to Louise and then wrote it... is that cheating?

Image one by Laid Off Mom | Image two found here.