Instagram Thoughts

Oh Instagram. I'll admit it, I love me some Instagram - just ask my boyfriend during our Seattle trip (srsly, incessant Instagram-ing was taking place... do I really need another sepia-toned picture of chai? YES). It's quickly becoming one of my favorite social media outlets. Why? Because it's visual. I studied art history for 6 years. I guess I kinda like images. But, dear readers, there are a few things that must be cleared up about Instagram.* Let's review some dos and don'ts:

DO these things:

- Take pictures of yummy food (especially breakfast). For some reason breakfast just looks really good on Instagram... that and sushi... oh and desserts.

- Zoom in y'all. Details are the best part.

- Look to the color. Color = automatically interesting.

Now DON'T do these things:

- Take numerous profile pictures. Ok, I'm as narcissistic as the next person, but this is not the platform for repeatedly taking your own picture. People follow you on Instagram. We see these. It's awkward.

- Take daily pictures of your pets. I'm totally guilty of this, but let me explain. When I first joined Instagram, I thought I was the only one who could see my pictures. I realize this means I had no idea what I signed up for. That's ok. I admit I didn't. So for those of you I used to go to high school with who followed me right after I joined - I promise I am NOT a crazy cat lady. I have a cat named Meowmers, he's the jam. But I'll limit my Meowmers pics to once per month.

Just one pic of Meowmies... that took incredible restraint. This may be a short "don't" list, but that doesn't mean it is any less important.

*I realize I am not an authority on good photography - nor do I think Instagram-ing makes one a photographer... only a insta-ographer. These are just my Instagram thoughts.

HUGE thank you to Janna for sending these amaze breakfast pics! Other pics found here.