yes yes y'all

I started my blog happiness project 6 months ago. Wowza, time is flying. I recently logged in to ye ol' blog to review what I have planned for myself + artsosh in the coming months. Instead of feeling excited, I felt a little ugh, a little meh, a little uh-oh, I don't really want to do that anymore. Then I started wondering - is it okay to change my blog happiness project half way through? Is that allowed? Will Gretchen be mad at me?

I posed this question to the Be Happy fb group and the response was: Of course! As long as you're not changing your plan as a way to avoid something, then it's absolutely okay. Phew. Good. And I couldn't agree more. (p.s. such a great group, join the be happy convo here!)

Why did I think I couldn't change my plan? Just because it was written in web ink? That's cray. I've learned SO much since writing those goals in September. There's no way I can make goals for an entire year without doing a little editing, revising, and improving as I go along.

Happiness projects, life lists, 30 before 30 lists - I LOVE all of these ideas... but until last year, I never participated. And I think it's because of this issue. How the heck do I know what I'll want to do in the future? I never started a list because I knew I'd want to change it. But the thing I didn't realize before is that THAT'S OKAY! Just start where you are... and you can always change direction.

Our lists + goals should change and evolve over time. In fact, they have to. We're not going to be the same person 6 months, maybe even 6 days from now. Is it just me or does a lot seem to happen in a week? Just me?

For my blog happiness project, I originally planned to take video blogshop & blogcademy in the coming months. But, honestly, super srsly, I've taken in SO much information in the last 6 months, the gi-normous cherry on that sundae being Alt Summit. I deeply feel I need to sit with all of the information I've taken in, ask myself what the heck I want to do with all of it, and go from there.

I can learn everything in the world about blogging, but if I don't start utilizing it? Well that's not very helpful for anyone... Do you guys ever feel this way? Like you just have to turn within and have a little conference with yourself about errthang? That's where I'm at.

Time to reassess, embrace change, and plan out the next 6 months for this blog in an even bigger and better way than I did last September... SO excited.

Happy valentine's day, awesome readers! I love you.

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