it's been done Do you ever have a super exciting idea but immediately shoot it down because someone else has already done it? Yep. I do that constantly.

The most recent example being hosting an event. I was SO excited when I first had the idea to do an artsocial event. Then I started looking around the internets... ohhhh here come the doubts: everyone's doing events, that's not a unique idea, I can't do an event if so-and-so just did one... on and on.

Here's the thing, though - EVERYTHING has already been done, but not by you. Sooo many bloggers have hosted events... but I haven't :) We all have something unique we can bring to the table. Yes, someone somewhere has already done it. So what, yo.

We can't let that stop us from creating what we want to create. You gotta go for it... and it's not about doing something bigger or better than others. It's just about following your excitement and creating something you're proud of. Give it your full attention and passion... and never feel like you have to explain yourself. The truth is, others will be writing, painting, and hosting events right along with you but NO ONE will do it exactly like you do.

Realizing this really helped take the pressure off. It's okay - just go, create. Who cares if it's already been done. So, as you guys know, I'm hosting that event. In fact, it's turning into a series of events. Whaaaaat. So stoked to share more with everyone soon...!

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