just-ask Wow, guys. It's the last Be Happy linkup of 2012! This has been by far my favorite series on artsocial. I can't wait to continue it in 2013 with the added awesomeness of the facebook group... next week, everyone - it's on.

December has been all about redesign for my blog happiness project. The new artsocial logo is almost there, I cannot waaait for the big reveal + the new site design launch next month...! This process has made me realize a.) how important it is to find a designer you mesh with (when you do, the branding process is crazy awesome) and b.) it's okay to ask for help.

That second part is a big one for me - someone who loves controlling every single detail. I'm slowly, over the course of my 26 years, realizing that it's ok and better to ask for help. I grew up thinking Oh I'll just do it myself, I'll teach myself, I'll figure it out. Result of a divorced family and being the youngest of 5 independent sisters? Probs.

Yes, I can teach myself how to do everything... but that's so much harder. It doesn't have to be hard. I don't have to learn html or channel my inner graphic designer to create business cards. I can ask other people to do that for me! People who are passionate about that stuff and 100x more talented than I am. That option is so. much. easier. and less stressful in the long run.

New be happy commandment for 2013? I don't have to do everything myself. Ask for help.

link up. be happy.


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