JxB Original Art

Jarrod Barton, head honcho and artist behind JxB Original Art, is one awesome dude. His work is like a tattoo you can hang on your wall... and it doesn't cause severe pain! Which is perfect for me, I'm not a big fan of pain and I'm way too fickle to get a tattoo. Unless it's a temporary Tattly Tattoo...

I was lucky enough to win these prints from a Facebook contest. How excited was I? Crazy excited. Not only do I love art - and winning contests - but I love getting stuff in the mail, like real stuff, not grocery store ads... although I would love to be an extreme couponer some day. Anyhoo, if you want to receive some awesome contemporary art in the mail, I'd talk to Jarrod.

Check out his website and find JxB Original Art on Facebook and Etsy.