Keyboard Solo It's true - cool guys don't look at explosions. Probably because it's time consuming to calculate the quality of said explosion to the nth degree and to evaluate where it falls on a personal scale of explosion excellence. Yep, there's a metaphor in there. And guess what? Making art is a whole lot like blowing things up. Sometimes it's best just to light the fuse and get out of your own way.

It isn't easy to put yourself out there (not easy being green either I've heard) but what's the worst that happens? Someone other than your significant other sees your work. Does it matter if they don't like it? Nope. Love it? Much better but still - nope. What matters is that you're moving on to another phase of your process. Making, crafting, doing, scribbling, creating, being - there are probably as many words for art and how it comes to be as there are imagined words for snow. Don't get caught up in the definitions.

So go on. Stride forward in your diamond covered boots.