It's only September 12th and I've added a lot to my plate... I have some really exciting collabs coming together (psst one involves a fab guest blogger and the other involves Pinterest + YOU). So excited. But I want more. Like when you're so stuffed but still manage to find room for dessert...

What I'm already learning from my collabs are keep it simple and, if you can, make it interactive - it's the most fulfilling that way. Sharing the love with other bloggers and my readers is really the best part. Like the Be Happy linkup? I LOVE reading your posts (linkup tomorrow, ya hear!) I'm endlessly inspired by you guys. And I've gotta say, the pay it forward giveaway was one of my favorite posts ever. I loved seeing the giveaway spread to other awesome blogs.

After that blog-giveaway-lovefest I started thinking about how uh-mazing it would be to continually give back by hosting a pay-it-forward giveaway on the reg, as a thank youuuu to all of you rad folks. But buying everyone gifts could get spendy - although I'd do it, I tell ya! So I'm takin' things up a notch by starting a giveaway collab... as we speak I'm scouting out shops to work with who would be interested in sponsoring the giveaway by providing the goods in exchange for a little (big) shout out on artsosh... the goods don't have to be big or expensive, just a little something to spread the love. If you know of any makers of super awesome shtuff (even if it's yourself, self-promotion is allowed, nay encouraged! Go for yours!)  who would be interested in paying it forward, then send 'em my way: artsocialonline@gmail.com.

Pretty excited to see how this one comes together. It could take some time, but hey, Live with Intention, Blog with Intention... and I intend to give back.

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