life lately 01 Mornings have become my faaaavorite. Which is funny because I'm definitely not a morning person. (Confession: I get up at 8:30. Hey, this gal needs her zzzs.) Anyhoo, my routine is iced chai and blogs + email in bed... usually while wearing cat pajamas. And I love it. What's your morning routine?

02 Pets have a way of keeping everything in perspective, don't you think? Throughout the day Meowmers reminds me that nothing is worth stressing over... and there's ALWAYS time for snuggle breaks and bird watching (his favorite pastime, close 2nd to napping).

03 THESE. And this: "We're all golden sunflowers inside." - Allen Ginsberg

04 Denver friends, have you been to Aiko Pops yet?? If not, GO. NOW. I wanted to try one of everything, but settled on grapefruit rosemary. So yum. When will they invent popsicle flights??

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