Collaboration month is almost over?? Well the first month of my "blog happy" project may be coming to an end, but the collaborations have only just begun.

While working with others doesn't always come naturally to me (prolly because I'm a total perfectionist), I fully understand the importance of doing so. I think at the core of happiness is having strong relationships with others. Whether it's the personal + romantical variety or the collaboration-with-a-blog-pal variety, connecting with people and building relationships is what this life's about. That's when you learn and grow the most.

Last year I was in a super transitional phase in my life... and I'm pretty sure I asked for it. I was really unhappy with my job. I often felt frustrated (aka cried... a lot) and felt stuck in my situation. One night I exclaimed to myself I should be doing more, something bigger! Two days later (no joke), I found out that the funding for my position suddenly ran out... hmm coincidence? I was forced to leave, which is exactly what had to happen because I never would have left on my own.

At the time I, of course, didn't see being forced to leave my job as something positive. I cried even more... I had no idea what to do. But, looking back, getting the boot was the BEST thing that could have happened.

I didn't realize it at the time, but the people I met after that job became incredibly important to my journey. One person in particular became a great friend and somewhat of a mentor to me... and if it weren't for her, I would have never started this blog. Can you imagine?? I can't. By something seemingly horrible happening, I was led to something more, something bigger - hmm exactly what I had asked for. Crazy how things work out sometimes, eh?

I'll always be open to working with others... because you neva know what they'll teach you.

Link up, yes?

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