Major Art Crush

Last Wednesday night at the Denver Art Museum, who happened to be giving a lecture? Well only one of the best artists EVER, Tucker Nichols.

I've never laughed so much at an art lecture. That's right, actual laughter in a museum auditorium, everyone. Tucker Nichols' work is that incredible combination of clever, conceptual, and aesthetically pleasing that does not come around often. Not to mention he's completely genuine and unpretentious. His work is a reminder to everyone: art is supposed to be fun.

My art crush was already a strong 9. But when I learned he made everyone special tiny notebooks for the lecture? Art crush: 10.

This is the actual size of the notebook. Too frickin cute. Yes, that's the professional art term for it.

P.S. his Anonymous Postcard project is genius... and hilarious. You can't beat that.

* Remember, an art crush is not a crush on the artist, but merely an unusually strong admiration for their work.