dream big A couple months back, I shared an entry from my gratitude journal. When it comes to being happy, it's so important to stop and think wow, look at all this awesomeness in my life. Being grateful for what you already have will always bring more awesomeness into your life... fact. Here are a few things, big and small, I wrote down yesterday.

01. working in a field that celebrates creativity... and collaborating with awesome, talented, and passionate people to make this blog a better place.

02. meeting some of my bloggy friends in real life... holywow, they're even better in person guys.

03. all of the comments and support from you guys. Srsly you're amaaazing.

04. that black & white cookie I had from the Hello Social... so nom.

05. being inspired to think BIGGER for myself and artsocial.

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link up. be happy.

Image: heart of gold by Paloma's Nest