more happy, please When I first started learning about the law of attraction and positive thinking, I remember reading how important it is to make a list of happiness boosters. Like, the things that will always make you happy and shift your mood no matter how much of an angry/sad/blah state of mind you find yourself in.

A few things were specifically recommended: think of a baby or a beautiful piece of classical music. Umm babies give me anxiety and you guys know I have terrible taste in music, classical music to me is Outkast circa 1994.

Clearly, happiness boosters will be different - and should be different! - for everyone. Just because the pros recommend taking long walks or doing breathing exercises to shift your mood, that doesn't mean it's right for ME... or you.

What works for some, doesn't work for others. I used to think oh boo, that's what I have to do? Now I know, my oh boo response really means it's not the right approach for me. If it doesn't resonate with me, that's okay. Let it go.

This week, I decided to make a short list of my happiness boosters + mood shifters... you know, other than cupcakes & instagram.

01 Kevin and Meowmers, my little family. 02 this song makes me feel like a badass... and basically any song by Jack White. 03 this commercial - gah I love it. 04 the photos from Alt Summit. I still can't believe I went :) 05 anything and everything on That girl's good. Real good.

Yep. All of these things instantly make me feel lighter and remind me to focus on the awesome... how cute is that commercial?

What are some of your happiness boosters? I'd love to hear your list.


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