I was pretty sti-zoked (really stoked) when I saw artsocial was included in the series Mondays are for Lovers over on the Passionfruit blog. Their description of artsocial is the best, possibly even better than the one on my about page: "...get ready to be introduced to some new art without feeling like you have to ‘get it’. Still feeling nervous? Start off with Erin’s Art Drank series and mix up some social lubricant with one her cocktail recipes!"

It's true gang. This blog is more like a gallery opening than an art history seminar. There's art, but there's also conversation and drinks... and sometimes snacks... but mostly drinks.

I'm curious, what are some of your favorite posts/topics I've covered on the blog? It would make me sti-zoked (again) to hear your faves!

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