never be boring I recently watched the documentary The Eye Has to Travel about legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland. Diana was a maaajor tastemaker and visionary in the fashion world. I was blown away by how much she accomplished in her career. Not only was she the editor for Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, but she discovered stars like Lauren Bacall, Twiggy, and Edie Sedgwick. Oh and she was the fashion adviser for Jackie Kennedy. No big deal.

More than that though, I was blown away by her strength, determination, and vision. She had zero formal training, yet managed to reinvent beauty and fashion for generations. She was always coming up with new, creative ideas. More than anything, she trusted her instincts.

My favorite takeaway from Diana was: DON'T BE BORING. According to her, that's the worst thing you could be. Embrace the "flaws" that make you different and - like Diana would do with her models - make those features works of art.

Those traits that make you different? Weird even? That's the good stuff, that's the magic, that's what makes you interesting. Forget fitting in and being "normal," embrace what makes you YOU.

Original image: Find and Keep book by Beci Orpin (found on The Design Files).