New Year, New Ideas

New Year's is the jam. It gives you carte blanche to start anew, make changes, set goals... and yes, maybe nurse a hangover. But even through the hangover haze, there's a sense of possibility... For me, this year is filled with the hope of starting a new career path and putting every ounce of awesomeness I have into this little adventure called ARTSOCIAL. Some might say making big career changes is scary stuff... well not with a little thing called Pinterest, y'all. I've collected a whole lotta inspirational goods to keep me focused on my goal. I'm ready to take the leap... et tu?

Grape Inspiration by Happy Deliveries

Be Awesome Today by Lucius Art

If Not Now Then When via

Live the Life You've Dreamed by Sacred and Profane

Vintage dictionary page by Ex Libris Journals

Work is Not a Job via Tattly


Top image: New Year New Ideas by Inklings