Scared but excited. That's where I'm at right now. Today's my last day working at the Denver Art Museum. After months of driving myself nuts trying to decide if I should stay or go... I decided to go.

When I'm having a hard time making a decision, my favorite exercise ever is to picture myself at 90 and ask myself what my 90-year-old self would want me to do... clearly, in regard to my part time museum job, 90-year-old Erin was like Do whatever the eff you want, girrrrl! You are limitless! I've always been a believer in all of those trite sayings about following your dreams! your bliss! your passion! cuz life's too short. But, guys, I had a really hard time putting it into action. Oh yeah, that. Action? Change? Actually doing something about my unhappiness? Ohhh no. Scary.

Through the fear there was always a part of me - probably/hopefully a wiser part - that knew I should leave and take that leap towards the career I really want. That part of myself encouraged me to listen to empowering jams *Kanye shrug*, subscribe to every motivational newsletter and blog I could find, and that part of me wrote my resignation letter even after I thought I'd made a final decision to stick it out. That part of myself stays calm and unchanging... and that's how I know leaving was the right decision. It sits well with my soul.

So, on to the next chapter... pretty sure it's about blogging : )


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