SO. I'm doing a blog happiness project and month two is growth via social media, right? Right. As my month of growth continues, I'm torn between two very different approaches. The grad-school-practical-instant-gratification side of me has been researching ways to grow via social media, which social media channels are most effective, twitter ads, klout, tumblr - that kind of technical stuff. I'm learning some gr-reat advice - which I'll share soon! I'm still testing out some thangs.

But, ya know, part of me is a little uncomfortable with all that jazz... especially paying for follows and likes on Twitter and Facebook - EW right? It doesn't feel right. Sooo, there's my answer I guess. It's not for me... I'm not saying HELL YES, after all. BUT, the same way Gretchen of The Happiness Project tried different happiness techniques even when she didn't think they'd work, maybe I should try some of these social media techniques even though they feel a bit meh. What do you guys think? Experimenting can be fun but...

I just took a crazy awesome alt summit class (they're all crazy awesome, huh?) with Victoria of A Subtle Revelry. She said something that really resonated with me and instantly made me rethink my approach to my month of growth... she said something along the lines of:

To reach the next stage of growth, focus on new, original content.

Victoria said each time she's trying to reach the next level of growth, she turns her focus to content... If you can produce quality content that people luuurve, then that's the best way to grow any and every number in your media kit. Cuz that's when the shares and tweets and pins happen. Instead of focusing on social media tricks and tips, I should be focusing more on creating content people want to share. That makes my heart sing so much more than buying followers on Twitter... definitely EW.

To the content I turn... ohh I'm excited about this, friends. I suppose it's the same for bringing more happiness into your non-blog life... if you focus on being authentically you, that's when you grow and feel happier. Thus more authentic content will equal bloggy growth. I feel kinda silly, it seems so obvious now. Of course I should focus on content to grow...!

Psst - remember this post? Guess who's a new brand ambassador!! Ahhhh hooray!! I can't believe it... more about this soon!

Link up your stories of happiness, ya hear... join the movement!

Original image: Clémence Poésy, Lula Magazine, found here.