Now That's Pinteresting, Man

So by now you've probably either read an article forwarded by a friend, stumbled across a footnote in a blog post or actually combed through Pinterest's fine print terms of use. Or maybe not. But you can't ignore all the murmurings about copyright infringement and outright theft of intellectual property. Or maybe you can. Or maybe like me you are just thinking about that interesting series of sci fi novels by Philip Jose Farmer in which every person who has ever lived is suddenly living along the same river bank. Okay maybe that's what I'm thinking about because I'm tired of the hue and cry lifted over image sharing and the internet. Here's why:

1. Sharing. Not stealing. I have a very hard time believing that most folks share images with much intent beyond showcasing awesome. Wouldn't it be ridiculous if your bff was charged with intellectual property theft for emailing you a picture of  insertnameofsomethingyoulustafter here from brandyoucan'tgetenoughof here ? Uh yeah. *Yes, jerks (the non funny kind) do exist so this is why I say most.

2. Lifestyle blogs have evolved based on images sourced elsewhere on the internet. Pinterest is an aggregate sharing platform. Think of it as a blog with more filler and less killer. Or something like that.

3. Give credit where credit is due. Yes, Pinterest should force attribution to every image pinned. Ideally with a direct link to the image source. In the mean time, take a few more than 5 seconds and credit the heck out of your pins.

4. Sharing. Not stealing. Yes, I hear the but but but I'm losing sales. Call me crazy but if someone loves your work enough to hang it on the wall, they are going to lay down the dollars to do so. The fact that it exists in the digital wasteland is not a deciding factor. Unless your work pivots on a specific conceptual mandate that crumbles when the work is viewed publicly. In that case, lemme know how that's working out. Yep, somebody out there might have your image as a desktop picture. But. They probably weren't going to buy your work anyway. And they probably stole it from a screen shot of your website. Or they just might be saving their pennies until the day they can afford it. Glass half empty, glass half full.

5. Just like unicorns, absolute control is a myth. Of course it's another story if someone steals your work, claims it as their own and profits from it. Could this happen on Pinterest? Sure. Might someone sue you for pinning their image? Absolutely. Are you Donald Trump? Google? No? I'd gamble that the offended party just might ask you to remove your pin. At the end of the day, isn't that what the fine print is really about - corporate indemnity from legal proceedings and criminal implications? Yep, I probably said that wrong. But I'm not a lawyer. And this is just like, my opinion, man.

Soap box returned to closet.

Above: The Belle preppy shoe clip by thebelleandthebeau via Hello!Lucky on Pinterest.