Oh Hi July

Guys, how is it July already?? When I was little, summer vacation was divided into two parts: pre-fourth of July and post-fourth of July. When this holiday rolled around, I always felt a twinge of sadness. My glorious summer vacation was winding down! Oh the (illogical) worries of an 8 year old. Anyhoo before I can think about this exciting holiday week ahead, let's look back at some fun and internet finds from the weekend...

1. This weekend started off with a little game called baseball. Going to a game around the 4th of July has become a bit of a family tradition. Mainly because the games around the 4th include...

2. Fireworks! Like the most obnoxious, 'merican display of in-your-face fireworks of all time. It's borderline disgusting... After looking at this pic, who else has that Katy Perry song stuck in their head?? You didn't, but now  you do? Sorry guys.

3. Jen Gotch has gotta be one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. This girl's got mad talent. And her shop? FULL of said talent.

4. Raspberry lime sorbet from this place... which for some reason my boyfriend kept saying was made with "bits of real panther, so you know it's good." Yep, that's my boyfriend. He likes to randomly quote Anchorman. That's why I loves him.

5. Sally Mann is one of my favsies. Her photographs are so hauntingly beautiful. This work is part of her At Twelve series. It seems to capture something so typical of being a teenager in the summertime - beauty, boredom, self-consciousness, angst. I love the stories all of her works tell.

6. This cup by Fine Little Day is super adorbs. It's definitely worthy of holding my chai teas. This whole shop is full of cute goodies.

7. I'm in love with this work, Untitled #8 (The Fall), by Laura Letinsky. The beautiful simplicity of the composition, the lighting, the title, the already eaten sundae... what at first seems so simple and unassuming, develops so many layers the more you look at it. Pretty rad.

8. This weekend was a raspberry beer cocktail kind of weekend. Yes! The very same one I posted on the blog last week. Friends, let me tell you. These things are delicious... and thus a little dangerous. But I think the deliciousness outweighs the risk factor.

9. I had the BEST time Saturday evening. Out at a club? Nope. Having a party? No again. Having a picnic. That's right, I'm crazy. Me and the boyfriend took a blanket, some books, and snacks (which may or may not have included those raspberry beer cocktails) to the park by our house. Laying in the park, reading, and eating french bread, brie, and salami (best dinner ever) was so much fun. I really need to schedule more picnics in the future... like every weekend.

Happy Monday, friends. Hope you had a great weekend!


(all pictures without links were taken by me for artsocial)