artsocial It's so hard for me to wait for something I'm super excited about. Like Alt Summit + my new blog design...! I often (always) want to hurry up and do it already!! December was blog redesign month for my blog happiness project. Of course, that impatient part of me wanted everything wrapped up in a bow by December 31st. But I quickly realized - NO, this time I'm going to be patient and do it right.

The worst thing I could do when it comes to branding + redesign is race to the finish line because I'm holding myself to some self-imposed deadline... and I definitely don't want to rush the creative process of my designer. We're actually right on schedule and have been working together really quickly! But still that restless desire for quick change creeps in... oh me.

This is not the time to hurry. This is the time to really think about what I want my blog to represent and what I want my bombass design to look like. 2012 Erin had the foresight to give herself this be happy commandment: some things take time... and then impatient 2012 Erin wrote this commandment: today is the day (no more waiting for the right moment, do it now). Hmm contradiction? Nope. Not at all.

Sometimes you should slow down and take a massive chill pill and then, sometimes, you need to just. do. it. Finding and contacting a rad designer to redesign artsocial? YES! Jump on it! Actually doing the design and revisions? Take yo' time. Huge, important difference.

I think one of the keys to being happy is learning this difference... when to just relax and be patient, and when to take action immediately and power through. My new guru, Gabby Bernstein, says, "those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait... and wait without anxiety." Hells. Yeah. This is my new mantra.



Are you feeling anxious and impatient about something? What's the best solution: chillax and be patient - or - just do eeeet and take action!

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