fetti It's here! My new site is here! Wow, friends, this is what 1 incredibly talented designer, 1 rock star developer, and 115+ emails will get you. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. HUGE thank yous and hugs to these amazing ladies. I may or may not be teary-eyed right now.

For what feels like forever, I've wanted a site that matched my personality, my aesthetic, my vibe... and this new design is all that and more. It inspires me to be a better blogger, to step up my game so my content is as rad as my design. Cheers to that, huh?

AND cheers to more exciting news... I've recently become the blog manager for the amazing and endlessly inspirational Tiffany Han!! I mean, for reals her blog posts have inspired and guided me on countless occasions. Read this post, you'll see. I am so grateful and beyond excited to be a part of her team.

Wow, how amazing is 2013 so far? I can't wait to see what else is in store.

Hooray! Look around, friends! Did you see I even have a subscribe option now? Check me out...

Images by artsocial.