celebrate Last month, Louise of Laid Off Mom and I debuted a new monthly art project called Project Brown Bag - hollaa. January's group did an amaazing job. Guys, you are so dang talented.

It's time for another round of collaborative creation... ya ready? Here's how PBB works:

1.  The first 3 commenters to leave a “Hell YES” in the comment section will have the privilege of being our art contributors for the month.

2.  Contributors will email the host their mailing address and a 200 x 200 pixel image of themselves, to be used in a blog post.

3.  Either Louise or myself (whoever the host is for the month) will mail out a brown paper bag, an art canvas (to the first person to comment), & mailing labels to each contributor.

4.  Based on the theme of the month, the first contributor will “add” their own interpretation of the theme onto the canvas, using whatever art supplies/medium they wish (within the allotted time limit: 2 days) then that person will insert the piece into the provided brown bag & mail it to the next contributor whose address is provided on the mailing labels. (You get the art piece, you add to it, you send it out)

5.  Once the canvas has passed through each contributor, it will be mailed back to the host. The host may/may not make their own contribution to the piece, then they will blog about it the following month with an intro about all our artists.

6.  After a full year of art projects, we can look back and enjoy the artwork that has passed through so many different talented hands throughout the country!

* all contributors will be providing the postage

** all contributors must live within the contiguous United States

There is no right or wrong way to embellish or add to the canvas. Create what you want with whatever supplies you have!  I'm a fan of gold spray paint... that's not required, but I'm just sayin. As long as the canvas fits into the bag, you are good to go!

Ok, are you ready to get creative PBB-style? February’s theme is: CELEBRATE. Valentine's Day is coming, my birthday is almost here, my new site design is nearly complete... ahhh! Let's celebrate, huh?

Host – Erin



Image by artsocial.