Round 'em Up

Well hello there, friends. Since I skipped the weekend roundup last week to post my vlogging debut, I was preeetty excited to get back to it this week. But I'm starting to wonder if I do anything other than eat, look at art, eat, and go to the movies on the weekends... not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's good to be well-rounded, right? Maybe I'll start doing karate. Oh! or taking hip hop dance classes. I really want to learn how to dougie once and for all...

1. This weekend started with me making dinner for the boyfriend. Now this may seem boring, routine, UNexciting, but guys I NEVER make dinner. This was a big deal. I am not the cook in my relationship. Having a boyfriend that can cook incredible meals is A. amazeballs B. romantic as hell and C. very intimidating. After he makes the best chicken enchiladas ever, I can't exactly make him my signature buttered noodles with parmesan (if I even have that, sometimes it's just salt and pepper). But I had an ace up my sleeve this weekend. My bestie had told me about the most delicious and simple grilled cheese sandwich of all time: the Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Fancy grilled cheese? Now that's my speed. And it was a big hit.

2. This photograph by Kristin Kirkley Photography can come live at my house. Srsly put it in any room and it's a party... except without all the music and drunk people and clean up afterwards. Sounds like a win to me.

3. I pinned this on Friday and I can't stop thinking about it. After my TIATTY post, I've felt so inspired by the support from my friends and some incredibly awesome fellow bloggers. It makes me want to really go for it, to follow my passions. After being unsure of my career path for so long, I think I've caught a glimpse of where I belong. And that makes the future pretty exciting. Ok cheesy moment over... but if you want to sing along to LMFAO's "Yes" with me, it's totally playing in my head right now and seems appropriate for the moment (cuz everyday I see my dream). P.S. I know, I don't know why I like this music either...

4. Umm a drawing of a bear made out of the word "bear" - this doesn't even need an explanation as to why I picked it for the roundup. It's coolness is obvious.

5. Whoa dudes. These porcelain sugar cones are perfection. Let's get something straight right now: I screamed for ice cream, not some kind of spongy baked good. I don't like the cones. Just get a cup, you might say. Well that's just not the same. I would like to enjoy my ice cream sans spoon. All of my ice cream problems are now solved thanks to this Etsy shop.

6. 20x200 had a ridonk sale this weekend (that's actually what they called it, that's not my white girl gangster talk... this time). I l.o.v.e this photograph Winter Flags (East Village, New York) by Youngna Park. Want? Yes. Need? Also yes.

7. Oh the washi tape. I'm getting some to jazz up my business cards... and my life in general. Putting washi tape on anything makes it better. Fact.

8. Saturday night consisted of seeing Moonrise Kingdom at the Mayan Theatre. This theater was built in 1930 and is one of Denver's independent and foreign film cinemas. Needless to say it's super old school. Add a Wes Anderson movie to this scenario and you get hipsterfest 5000. But I really really love this theater and the movie was AWESOME, go see it immediately. Does that make me a hipster? Probably. Especially since I took an instagram of it for the blog. Ha! And I was wearing skinny jeans... damn!

9. Speaking of Denver, I recently discovered an amazing local artist. Inspired by "the final girl" in horror films and the "femme fatale" character in film noir, Sigri Strand creates Cindy Sherman-esque photographs that are incredibly rad. There's so much more to the story in these colorful, stylized photos... and I'm dying to know what that story is. Great art always leaves you wanting more...