Sometimes you have one of those weeks... where you want to eat cake for dinner or lay zombified on the couch watching hours of Mad Men. What do you do when you have a bad work week?

Since I don't have any travel therapy planned, I think the only remedy for this funk is a little retail therapy... omg let's virtual shop together! No, no it's not enabling, it's supporting each other. Ok, fine. But what if all spring and summer items are on sale for 30% off, then can we shop together? Cuz that's what's goin' down in town until Sunday (use the code GOINGGONE). What do you think? Glitter bobbis or bows?

OH! and word on the street is there's a giveaway this week. That Drinking the Stars comb (above) could be all yours - unless I get to it first...! Win it before you can buy it. Happy Friday, friendies!


Image one: via cubicle refugee | Image two: photo by max wanger

Yup, you guessed it. I'm a brand ambassador - woot!