elle I love surprises. Like parties or unexpected extra money in your account or finding the M&M that actually has 2 peanuts! Oh yeah. Those surprises are the best. But surprises about moving? No. I do NOT like those surprises... I think I'm finally accepting the fact that we have to move in 30 days. Ahhhhh.

Since we got the news, I've been thinking a lot about surprises and things that happen seemingly "out of the blue." When stuff like this happens I tend to think something is going wrong. I'm filled with anxiety and dread and all kinds of nervous emotions. Yuck.

BUT then I started thinking about other times in my life when things have happened out of the blue. Sure, they seemed negative at first but in the end, everything actually worked out for the best. Examples:

Exhibit A) Not getting the single room I applied for my freshman year of college. Instead I was assigned to a triple, that's THREE people in one room. Crazytown, but it led to meeting some of the best, most wonderful ladies in all the land. Those girls got me through a really rough first year of college.

Exhibit B) Dating a total loser in 2009 led to a surprising and delightful reconnection with Kevin, my current + most wonderful boyfriend. High five, random facebook message. Yep. Facebook. Ain't no shame in that game.

Exhibit C) My job suddenly ending in 2011 led to the beginning of artsocial. Umm hollaaaa! Nuff said.

So could it be that surprise moving is actually a good thing? It's all about perspective, eh? Sure, moving is never easy... but maybe this surprise move will take me somewhere I'll love even more than our current place. Maybe something even more incredible and awesome is waiting for us. If I knew that was the situation, I sure wouldn't be scared or mad at my surprise... I'd be excited. So I'm getting excited, y'all.

But feel free to still send us good-luck-house-hunting thoughts!! :)

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Image via Elle Interior.