Well happy holidazzle, friends! It's day one of this little holiday adventure. In case you're wondering what the heck holidazzle is - it's 25 days of my very favorite shops... think of it as a super awesome gift guide offering some daily inspiration on what to get those rad folks near and dear to your heart...

We're starting this party with letterpress and graphic design studio, Sugar & Type. There's nothing better than sending (or receiving) a unique, handmade card... it makes the sender look awesome and it makes the sendee very happy. Win-win.

This time of year cards are more than just letters in the mail, they're gifts and decorations for the mantle... so make sure you send some mantle-worthy cards, ya hear. I'd say Hedge-Hug is totes mantle-worthy...

You know all those plans you have to rule the world? Well no more excuses, this is your year. This planner will help keep you on track... and if you start feeling discouraged, this little gem is chock-full of inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.

Omigosh. Dudes. I almost forgot the best part! Ilana of Sugar & Type is giving all of you 20% off with the coupon code artsocial!! Wahoo! Now go forth, and save on prezzies from Sugar & Type!!


Find Sugar & Type on Etsy, Facebook, and Twitter. Oh and guess what? Sugar & Type also does branding, logo design, and oh so much more. Learn more here.