Hello from New Mexico, friends! Boy do I have a great guest blogger for you today. She will totes become one of your favsies... pinky swear. Hi Artsosh kiddos! I'm Shaunna from A Style Moment and I'm delighted to fill in over here while Miss Erin is away. I'm pretty awkward when it comes to discussing art and my palette is not nearly as developed as Erin's. I'm the girl at an art show that stands and stares at one piece for forever (trying to memorize it's beauty) and all I can seem to muster out is "beautiful." Ok, lame. Use your grown up words. But I just can't. Sometimes, the inspiration is so intense that it generates the immediate need to create, usually in the form of fashion or style. I may not be able to muster out the exact words, but you bet your little bottom that I can create a fabulous outfit that speaks the words for me. When I came across this piece by Mia Christopher, it almost seemed alive! I wanted to feel it (created with acrylic) and see it up close in living color. Does it make you feel that way?

Without further ado, feast your eyes on Art Meets Fashion, featuring the artwork of Mia Christopher.

Find the items: Scarf // Skinny Jeans // Leather Vest // Wedges // Mug // Striped Tee