new-blog-and-social-media-template Hey friends! I recently realized just how much time I spend customizing my graphics for allthesocialmediachannels. Wouldn't it be nice if it was one size fits all?? Like this rad flair...

Well until then, I've decided to create some secret weapons for us - mwahahaa - aka templates sized specifically for instagram, pinterest, and facebook. They all have their size requirements and if you've tried ignoring them and posting a photo anyways (and I know we all have), you know it ain't pretty.

No more wonky posting, I say. And no more boring captions, for the love of... This week's blog post and social media template is all about ease AND gorgeousness (because that's my mission in life).

Take a peek, guys! It's an INSTANT DOWNLOAD - wahoo!! You'll get a layered photoshop template with editable sample text and graphic elements. Oh and not just one, but 3 versions sized specifically for instagram, pinterest and facebook.

You'll also get a PDF guide with links to the fonts you see in the design - which are two of my very favorites! - and simple instructions for changing text and color in Photoshop.

Oh yeah, it's feeling more professional in this heezy already.

To the shop!

xoxo, erin


Morrison Please moodboard One of my favorite parts of the design process - and one of the most important! - is the initial research stage. I'll have my clients pin images and graphics on pinterest that feel right and align with their brand and the project we're working on. This step gets us on the same page aesthetically so darn fast. Thank you, sweet pinterest.

Above are just a few of the pins from my recent branding + squarespace design project, Morrison Please. I loved her picks: lots of open spaces, beautiful shades of green, and gorgeous food photos that stole the show.

It's so cool to see a project go from moodboard to final branding, don't cha think?


trust For me, 2014 has been about DOING THE WORK. I hunkered down and focused on designing all the things, learning as much as I could and taking on new projects. While I absolutely l-o-v-e-d it, I don't want to get stuck in doing the work mode. It's SO important to stop every once in a while to ask yourself: What is it about my job that I really love? What else is trying to emerge? What do I want my days to look like?

So I've done something pretty big... and a little scary. To help me tackle these big questions, I've joined a little program called: 100 Rejection Letters. Lemme explain... 100 Rejection Letters is Tiffany Han's year-long coaching program and online community that helps you gain clarity, achieve focus, and take action towards building a business (and life!) you love. In other words, it's about pitching your ideas, putting yourself out there, and taking ACTION towards those big dreams you have. Dudes. Sh*t just got real. Over the next year I'm going to push the artsocial train further than ever before. I think I can, I think I can...

I never want to become stagnant or uninspired in my routine. And that's what I love the most about 100 Rejection Letters. It will MAKE SURE I don't stand still, repeating the same routine day in and day out. Cuz who wants that? That's boringtown.

Month numero uno of the program was dedicated to planning, figuring out how I want my biz to grow and who my ideal client is. I've already surprised myself a few times with the changes I wanna make... eep! I'll be sharing my progress and all the behind-the-scenes goodness with you here. Are ya with me? Here we go :)

Image by artsocial.


Tanya Geisler, site design by artsocial Working with Tanya Geisler is an absolute dream. I say “is” because we still work together on the regular. When she first contacted me in 2013 she was looking for someone to help with the graphics on her site here and there. Over the next several months, that expanded into helping with her newsletter headers, creating graphics for her programs, and then – da-na-na-naaa – doing a full website redesign. Oh how sweet a good collaboration is…

For her new website, we wanted something clean, organized, and easy to navigate, with fun images and her gorgeous color palette incorporated throughout. We kept the logo simple - with a type treatment logo - as her content is the clear star of the show.

I'm beyond thrilled I got to work on Tanya's site. It's truly rewarding to help a client design a space for their business that feels right and reflects their style - while also being easy to navigate and, ya know, irresistibly beautiful :)

Check out the full site here!

Thinking about a brand new look for the brand new year? Leave a comment below or contact me here! 2015 is gonna be BIG. I can feel it.


Morrison Please, branding by artsocial



Morrison Please Style Guide by artsocial


Morrison Please brand elements, by artsocial

GUYS. This project was very special to me. Not only did I get to work with one of my closest friends, but I got to help her take that leap into blogging. Wahoo! (One of us, one of us, gooble, gobble...)

Morrison Please is a blog dedicated to fresh, seasonal food that's bursting with flavor. Janna Fisher, the gal behind Morrison Please, is one of the most talented cooks I know. Calling her a cook feels wrong... she's a true artist in the kitchen. In college, I'd be making toast while she was whipping up some homemade gazpacho. And she's only gotten better. I mean, check out her instagram. Be-yoo-tiful dishes. That lady cooks with passion, and it shows.

When Janna came to me about starting a blog dedicated to her love of food, I was beyond excited. I couldn't wait to create something amazing for her. From our initial talks, it became clear that a completely custom site wasn't necessary yet. Yes, she wanted a beautiful logo and design, but she just needed a simple site so she could get started. And started on the right foot: with an easy-to-use platform, a clean and simple design, and a brand identity that felt unique.

The solution? Killer custom branding and a simple Squarespace site. Guys, Squarespace is the BEST when it comes to easy-to-use and professional starter sites. Sometimes simple is all you need, especially when you're just starting out.

We kept her branding and site simple, modern and fresh. With lots of focus on her beautiful images and recipes. Oh I'm so excited to follow along... I must learn all of her recipes so I can stop eating so much toast.

Check out the full site here! And bookmark that shiz.   Looking for a simple site + awesome branding for your new blog or biz?? Let's chat! I have 2 spots available for January. Let's do this, yo.


podcast cover by artsocialpodcast cover by artsocialSome of the best and most rewarding design projects are those that allow me to reeaally get to know a brand. I’ve been working with Tiffany Han on her graphics since 2013 and it’s been pure magic.

Most recently, I helped design a cover for her new podcast, Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. It's a weekly podcast about the creative adventures of (extra)ordinary people. After listening to the first episode with Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind (omg!), I was hooked.

Each episode is such an open and honest discussion about creativity. It's refreshing and inspiring... plus my favorite topic EVER is how creative peeps overcome their fears and make a career for themselves, on their own terms, doing what they love. Isn't that just the best??

For the photo, we wanted something fun, lighthearted, and creative (of course!). I snapped a few shots in my studio of various props. The gold dino with sequins quickly stood out as a winner - because what's more fun, lighthearted, and creative than that?? Nothing.

For the text, I really wanted it to be fun and personal - just like the interviews. For the main title, we stuck with Tiffany's current font to keep her branding consistent. But then we threw in some custom handwriting, Tiffany's handwriting to be exact! She sent over scans of her writing, which I then digitized in illustrator. SO much fun, you guys. I think it adds the perfect finishing touch.

I'm beyond thrilled I got to work on Tiffany's podcast. What a fun project! And P.S. it's currently on iTunes' list of new & noteworthy podcasts! WHAT. Congrats, Tiffany! :)

New site, new services


Friends! It's been too long. How are you? How was your summer? FULL of playing and resting and netflix-watching, I hope.

I've been one busy bee over here at artsocial. For the last couple months I've been revamping my site and services. It's been a long time coming and I think it's finally time to share everything... ya ready? :)

First up, my à la carte services. In addition to custom graphics for programs, newsletters, and social media, I've also added a few gems like: presentation graphics for your lectures, media kits and one sheets to showcase your brand, and e-books and pdfs. So. Excited. Let's brand all the things! After all, each graphic is a chance to enhance your business. Which is why I LOVE this stuff.

I'm also now offering three different logo design options - a complete logo package, a type treatment logo in case you don't need the whole shebang, and a logo refresh for those who love their current style but just need a little update. I want you to be it's-your-birthday excited, Christmas-morning excited, about your logo! And if you're not, let's talk. Right now.

Last but not least, my favorite. I'm now offering - wait for it - WEB DESIGN. Wahooo! It's something I've been dreaming about since opening my studio doors last year. So I'm doing it. In fact, I've already been doing it! It's time to offer it officially. I cannot wait to work with clients to create their dream websites.

In my own business, having a custom site has made SUCH a difference to me. It was an instant confidence booster when I was first starting out. And still is! This site makes me feel legit, yo. Because I know within a millisecond of someone visiting artsocial they'll see my style and personality. And I know I'll be taken seriously because I have the site to back it up.

It's like this one jacket I have... It's tailored to fit juuust right and every time I put it on, I basically feel like Kanye and Beyonce put together. HELLA AMAZING. I can take on anything and I look damn good while doing so. I think that's what a custom site does for a business. It creates major confidence and major credibility.

Omg I have chills, do you have chills?

Anyhoo, I really do believe in the power of gorgeous imagery and thoughtful design. Obviously! I'm obsessed. But that's why I'm so excited to finally launch these new services. Hooray!

Take a look around, k? And say hi in the comments, I've missed you!!


boom boom pow Summer has always felt like the best time to reflect, reassess, and revamp. It's a time to work on your side projects. Work on your abs. Sleep more. Eat better. Rest. Play. In honor of summer and its permission slips, I'm spending July doing all of the above...

First, I'll be going on a little road trip to visit one of my very favorite people. Netflix and drinks and dance parties are in my future and I cannot wait. Cue this song.

After that much needed break, my plan is to come back and tackle some artsocial to-dos. You may have noticed a new url (WAHOO!). Legit, yo. I have some other site updates in the works, too, and with site updates come BIG, EXCITING announcements. Hold onto your ban.dos, friends, we're about to take things up a notch. A collaboration has begun that will change artsocial in a big way. *cartwheels* *confetti* I can't wait to tell you everything :)

Starting next month, I'll also be sharing A LOT more of my design work with ya. It's time. And if you're one of my clients, I've got a little surprise for youuu! I'm teaming up with the amazing folks at Minted to create some client thank you packets. Working with my clients is awesome but giving them presents after the work is done to celebrate? Double awesome. So excited to share all the goodies! Here's a hint. Highly recommend Minted for stationery, invites, and the like. Again, LEGIT. Everything is designed by independent artists PLUS they offer gold foil (!) and gorgeous thick paper. I'm in love with it. Okay, Minted gushing over... except they're having some 4th of July sales right now. Definitely worth checking out. Okay, done.

Happy July, friends! And Happy 4th especially. See you in August!

Keep up with my summertime adventures on instagram! Oh there will be 'grams.

Image by artsocial.


oh hey One of the best feelings in all the land is marking something off your to-do list that's been there for waaay too long. For months I've been wanting to update my twitter + instagram handle to something simpler... that matches... and that doesn't include an underscore (ew!).

The most obvious solutions - my name or artsocial - were already taken, so I had to get creative. The other day I FINALLY DECIDED what to change it to. It came to me during meditation - high five, quiet time!

You can now reach me at @heyartsocial on twitter and instagram. Wahoo! The simplicity makes me oh so happy. Funny how little things like that can make you feel so much more legit, eh?

What's something that's been on your to-do list for way too long? Let's tackle that beast! Next on my list? Changing my url to match (what up,!).

Image by artsocial.


artsocial-studio Since leaving my "real" job last November, I feel like I've been in figuring it all out mode. That can be a stressful mode, y'all. Lots of doubt and questions and what ifs. But there's also something really great about that mode... if you follow your instincts, it will ALWAYS lead you to the right thing. Promise.

Ever since I started working for Tiffany Han as her blog manager - designing graphics for her blog, banners for her new programs, and doing the occasional glitter photo shoot (obvi) - I found myself thinking: Omigosh this is freaking awesome. Could I do this full-time? For a living??

My answer: hells to the yeah! I'm SO excited to announce I'm officially offering graphic design services. If you're a small business owner or blogger looking for a graphic designer to help with your biz - on projects big and small - well here I am! Let's get started. It'll be like having your very own graphic designer on staff... awesome, right?

So take a look-see at my new work with me page and portfolio... then contact me asap, k? Because my services often turn into ongoing / long-term projects, I only have a couple spots open!

Hooray for new adventures, eh?

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Image by artsocial.