15,000 Miles and a Monkey or Two

Since Erin is living it up in Sea town this week I figured it was finally time for a travel recap of my own. A couple months back I hopped on a plane(s) to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Quite the destination for a girl without a single stamp in her passport. Well worth it to watch my dear friend Mali tie the knot with a fantastic fellow. And to take a couple thousand pictures. That being said - far too many pics for just one post! Addis reminded me of Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy World intermixed with roaming animals and horns before brakes race track style driving. Mali is fortunate to live in a literal tropical oasis in the midst of a very harried city scape. From within the garden walls the sounds of traffic, donkeys and calls to prayer sound throughout the day. When I was a kid, I hated quiet. I lived in a small town that completely shut down on Sundays and I always felt a little paranoid that the zombie apocalypse had taken place. I had a vivid imagination. My favorite places now of course, are the ones where the nights are so heavy with silence that they seem alive with memory - where it's impossible to be lonesome yet you are totally alone. Negash Lodge  in Wolliso has easily taken it's place amongst my favorite places on earth.

From top: 1 - 4 Mali's garden in Addis; 5-10 Negash Lodge, Wolliso; 11-12 Wenchi Crater. All images © Kate Donaldson