work uniform Whenever I encounter another work-at-home rockstar like myself, I immediately have to ask: what time do YOU get up? Do you stay in pajamas way too long, too? How about showering? Does it happen before noon? Yep. That happens. Just the life of an entrepreneur doing thangs solo dolo.

Needless to say my work attire has changed quite a bit since my museum days. Now it's about comfort, warmth (my office is always arctic cold), and cuteness (obvs, there might be 'gramming opportunities). My go-to outfit usually consists of long button-ups, leggings, socks, and some flair.

P.S. since the weather officially dipped below 70 degrees, I've been a big fan of socks. You could totally get me socks for Christmas and I would LOVE it... but, ya know, cute socks with fun patterns.

Do you work from home? What's your go-to outfit? twist scarf | studio buttondownleggings | thigh high socks


anthro-wishlist Anthropologie, you're killin' me with your cuteness. I recently fell down the rabbit hole that is Anthro's House & Home section. It's dangerous.

Since we moved, I'm in full updating/decorating mode. We have all the main furniture covered already, but I'd love to add a few new decorative items here and there to make everything feel fresh and new again... that's what moving is about, right? A fresh start?

P.S. how cool would it be to wake up with a real alarm clock?! I'd almost be excited to wake up early just so I could use it... almost.

Which item is your favorite?

row one: side table | pillow | alarm clock row two: ottoman | wire sculpture | felt bowls row three: garden pots | spice cellars | basket

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house-&-home A friend of mine told me that when it comes to decorating, simply buy what you love. Everything will find a way of fitting together because it's your aesthetic...

I'm not sure what HGTV would say about this approach, but I'm willing to give it a try. Because a) it requires absolutely no planning - decorating can be so overwhelming! - and b) all I have to do is find items I absolutely lurrve. That sounds like fun.

With this decorating method of madness in mind, I pulled the last few pins from my House & Home board to see if they went together.

Okay, okay. I can see how this might work. There are definitely some common threads: pinks + corals, turquoise, silver-y neutrals...

Do you have a home decor pinterest board? Do the items surprisingly fit together??

01 pillow 02 ceramic basket 03 chair 04 cart 05 trash bin


golden It's hot. Like real hot. Summer is in full swing here in Denver... but don't get me wrong, I love all this warmth + sunshine. In fact, I'd love to surround myself with even more sunshine-y golden hues. Enter: this moodboard.

I'd totally be feeling like gold rocking those shoes. Wouldn't you?? If you happen to find yourself with those gems in size 5.5, my birthday is in February... just sayin'.

01 skirt 02 popsicle purse 03 Sun Burn by Jen Gotch 04 sunnies 05 shoes

IN LOVE is a weekly series featuring all the things I’m in lurrrve with. Check out more IN LOVE posts here!

P.S. yellow paint drips found here.