Au Revoir Le Week-end

Happy Monday, friendies. Let's dive right into the weekend roundup, shall we? First up is this spicy little numero uno...

1. Spicy orange margarita. Oh yeah. It exists and it is delicious. Now I hate to admit - as a closeted hipster - that I had this drinkeroo at a restaurant inside the mall. I know, ew the mall. But whatevs, I grew up in the suburbs of Denver and basically the mall is the only place to go shopping... anyhoo the restaurant is La Sandia - and the mall is Park Meadows in case you want to hit up Orange Julius with me??

2. While at said mall, I picked up these polka dot shorts from Urban Outfitters. A-DORBZ and so comfortable. But my reason for shopping was to buy work clothes, whoops... showing some upper thigh is appropriate for work right? Maybe if I pair them with a cardigan? Get yourself some Kimchi Blue Printed Yoke Shorts, ya hear. (not asking, telling)

3. Have I already talked about the giant art crush I have on one Paul Octavious? Well in case I haven't, Paul Octavious is a Chicago-based photographer who can do no wrong. He may even have magical powers like a superhero, that's how awesome he is. Ok, that's not true (I don't think)... but he does have the cutest dog in the world named Gizmo who could arguably be his sidekick. This new print, The Fourth, over on 20x200 needs to be on ma wall...

4. Basically this weekend was referred to as "Blog Brunch weekend" because of this delightful little Twitter party for bloggers where very important things are discussed... Here's how it works, every first Saturday of the month, bloggers from all over the country gather on Twitter (by following the hashtag #blogbrunch) to exchange ideas and inspiration about different topics. This month's topic was post content. Man, that's a tricky one for me. Since this blog started, it's evolved several times (ok like 234 times), which means the content has evolved a bit too... check back tomorrow for a whole post on my Blog Brunch-y thoughts.

5. Guys. I think I'm a cat lady. I first started noticing signs of this condition quite a while ago... I started taking more pictures of Meowmers, I noticed an increase in the frequency I discussed Meowmers with others, and THEN someone got me a Cats in Hats calendar for Christmas. Now I thought this was a joke, I laughed it off (while secretly really enjoying my new hilarious calendar). But after pinning this cat art on Pinterest along with this and this, welp I think I can finally admit it. My name is Erin and I'm a cat lady. CATS by Cake with Giants.

6. My Drunk Kitchen: Quesadillas. This needs no explanation.

7. Brooch-a-topia. Brooches Bitches. The Brooch Coach. These were the alternative names me and Kevin came up with for the brooch stand at the Aspen Grove street fair. Oh they had oodles of awesome brooches (this is tray 1 of approximately 500), but I don't think they had a name... I vote for The Brooch Coach.

8. It rained so much this weekend! So unlike Colorado... and such a great excuse to curl up on the couch and watch the entire last season of Breaking Bad in anticipation of the new season. Eeeep! So excited! If you're a fellow Breaking Bad fan, please leave a comment so we can discuss the crazy awesomeness that was last season's finale. Cool image found here.

9. Cutest shoes ever. I basically live in flats. I'm short, there's no point in trying to fool anyone by wearing uncomfortable heels... These shoes (called You Rebel) from Shabby Apple are pretty boss. Psst check back here next Monday for a little giveaway with Shabby Apple...!

Hope you had a great weekend!