Sheena is Still a Punk Rocker

Despite what you may have heard, punk rock is alive and well. At least right now at the MCA Denver with the show Bruce Conner and the Primal Scene of Punk Rock. The exhibition includes a selection of Bruce Conner photos, videos of punk rock and other performances, an "installation" of flyers from the Goteblud archive, documentation of primal scream therapy, and works by Martin Kersels, Miranda July, and Rodney Graham. And oh so much more...

My 13-year-old self would have loooooved this exhibit. Punk rock and art colliding? I would have been in heaven. Let me paint you a little picture of myself at 13: dyed black hair (which goes great with my extremely fair skin tone), high top Dr. Martens boots, Ramones purse (which was stolen at a party and I didn’t hesitate for a second to buy another one). I was pretty hardcore, or as hardcore as one can be in the suburbs of Denver… who got A’s in school and never dated. Ok so I wasn’t very punk. But I liked the music and the scene, even though I wasn’t really a part of it. I guess watching Rock ‘n’ Roll High School in my parents’ living room doesn't quite make me punk.

I think what I loved most about the punk scene was the eff you attitude, the I’ll-do-whatever-I-want-ness of it all. And I think it’s because I wasn’t like that... you know, in a way the MCA is a little punk. That’s right, they use staples and play music and put Courtney Love’s eulogy to Kurt Cobain in giant type on the gallery wall. They’ve got some attitude… and I like it.

Plus they have an awesome rooftop with pigeons.

Until next time MCA...

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