Eat Drink Create summer event. Photo by Petit Soul Photography.

Summer EDC was a major good time, y'all. And we didn't get rained out - HOORAY! We would've had this party rain or shine. Even if it was hailing! Okay, maybe not if it was hailing, but we didn't have to make that decision. The weather ended up being perfect.

Big hugs to my partner in crime, Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel. She's amazing and talented and her creativity is what makes these parties so awesome. High five, girrrl.

Eat Drink Create summer event. Photo by Petit Soul Photography.


We had the BEST PIE OF MY LIFE from The Humble Pie Store: strawberry-rhubarb, apple cheddar, and cherry. Seriously. People of Denver, go immediately.

Eat Drink Create summer event. Photo by Petit Soul Photography.
Eat Drink Create summer event. Photo by Petit Soul Photography.

The details of each event are my absolute favorite part. We had individually-sized pie boxes with wooden forks and baker's twine (for maximum cuteness) and mini bags of cherries. Thank you to Erin, Katie, and Annabelle (and her husband Cory!) for helping us set up the pie and cherries! You're all hired, k?

Eat Drink Create summer event. Photo by Petit Soul Photography.
Eat Drink Create summer event. Photo by Petit Soul Photography.


I mean, it's not a picnic without lemonade... and strawberry lemonade... and cute cups & straws. It's just not. Our EDC-branded water was obviously invited back for round deux, and they made really great blanket weights. It got a little windy at times... but I was still able to rock my striped jersey dress. I know. Dress in the wind. I live right on the edge.

Eat Drink Create summer event. Photo by Petit Soul Photography.
Eat Drink Create summer event. Photo by Petit Soul Photography.


For the create portion of the evening, we partnered with the crazy awesome folks at Fancy Tiger Crafts & October Ink to give everyone mini embroidery projects. The cherry design and faux wood embroidery hoops could not have been more perfect for our picnic theme. Lots of love to these local creatives!

Eat Drink Create summer event. Photo by Petit Soul Photography.
Eat Drink Create summer event. Photo by Petit Soul Photography.

Speaking of local, we also teamed up with Common Threads to make this par-tay possible. Big thank you to these wonderful ladies for sponsoring our event and helping us celebrate the creative Denver community. If you're in Denver (or Boulder), check 'em out, yo. Their stores are FULL of cute clothes and accessories, plus they offer creative classes like sewing & knitting!

Eat Drink Create summer event. Photo by artsocial.
Eat Drink Create summer event. Photo by artsocial.


Whimseybox - who just made the move out to Colorado, woot! - also donated 3 boxes of goodies for us to raffle off. I really really wanted to enter this raffle, guys. I'm so jealous of our winners. Congrats, you lucky ladies!

Eat Drink Create summer event. Photo by Petit Soul Photography.

Minted! Oh friends, Minted party decor is no joke. They donated the PERFECT party decor for our picnic. Exhibit A: an EDC bunting banner. That banner is going to live at my house forever and always. I love it.

Eat Drink Create summer event. Photo by Petit Soul Photography.

Oh-hoo-hoo! Now for the video. Annabelle of Evergreen Lane Productions is seriously one of the most talented ladies I know. She captures the mood & details of our events SO perfectly.

HUGE thank you to everyone who came out! We had a blast. Thanks again to everyone listed here. We couldn’t have done this without these amazing folks. Srsly, say hi, follow them on twitter, send them love.

+ Common Threads + Evergreen Lane Productions + Fancy Tiger Crafts + The Humble Pie Store + Minted + October Ink + Petit Soul Photography + Sarah Fritzler Design + Whimseybox

Read Lexy's recap here and don't forget to check out the hashtag #eatdrinkcreate for more photos! A holiday EDC is already in the works, Denver. Stay tuned...!

Photos by Petit Soul Photography; video by Evergreen Lane Productions; Eat Drink Create logo by Sarah Fritzler.


hello summer With Memorial Day behind us it's officially summertime! Woot woot! Bring on the sunshine and the watermelon. I mean, that's the best part of summer, right? Maybe with a little kick? I can't wait for picnics in the park, summer nights on the patio, and hanging out poolside (ya know, with 85 spf and prolly in the shade... hey, I'm Irish).

Planning this Dive into Summer event with Madewell has me even more excited about this time of year. Every part of the evening has a touch of summer, from the snacks to the party favors... I've had so much fun getting creative with the details. I CANNOT WAIT to share them with you.

If you're in Colorado, come hang out, girrrl. RSVP to to snag your spot and get your summer fiesta on!

What's your favorite thing about summer?

01 photo by Bianca Wagner 02 bikini 03 shades 04 photo by Elizabeth Weinberg 05 photo by Don Honeyman 06 sandal


I recently received a pretty awesome little gift from Hobstr. Well what was it you ask? A Holga camera... who (yes, who) I've nicknamed The Holgs. We were a little unsure of each other at first. It had been years since I loaded film into a camera, ugh that was like so 2004. But it was kinda like riding a bike... plus I watched the Hobstr tutorial video (thanks, guys).

I brought The Holgs camping with me and Kevin. So not only was I creating this video while we were "away from it all," but I was also playing with my new toy. Man, I didn't really unplug at all, did I?

I may not have unplugged, but I sure had to let go using this camera. It was an unexpected challenge... and a great lesson. These days I'm so used to controlling every little aspect of the creation process. When I take photos for the blog or for Instagram, I basically take and retake a shot until it looks EXACTLY how I want it to... then I may go into Photoshop and perfect it even further.

But you can't control The Holgs. I had to let go and try my best to create a photo the "old fashioned way" by concentrating on composition, lighting, and subject matter. I only had 12 shots too!! It made me much more discerning with my photo-taking. I often found myself thinking that would be a good Instagram, but would it be a good photo? Ha!

Then I started noticing I wasn't taking certain shots because I wanted to "save" my film for something cooler... something I never have to worry about with my iPhone. It got to a point where I just had to start snappin' aka the reason why there's a picture of our New Belgium beer and 3 pics of the sky.

It's been a long time since I took real photos. I loved it. Time for the next roll... and now that I've gotten used to The Holgs, hopefully the next batch will be better.

Do you guys ever take photos the "old fashioned" way or have you made the switch to digital for good?

all images by artsocial | post made possible by the generosity of Hobstr


This weekend roundup is dedicated to my camping adventure...

1. Fat Tire and Skinnygirl Margarita... clearly a combined effort picking drinks for the weekend. You guessed it, I picked the Skinnygirl. Unofficial/official plug for Skinnygirl cocktails - they're actually pretty perfect for camping. Just open and serve. You don't even really need a glass if that's how you roll... ok, you should probably use a glass. We're trying to have a civilization here.

2. Holgs! My new Holga camera, thanks to Hobstr. This was my first experience with a Holga, I cannot wait to see if the pics turn out. I'm so used to the instant gratification of my iphone/instagram, it was strangely difficult for me to decide what to take a picture of. It seemed so definite, I couldn't just review it and retake if needed. It was a great lesson in slowing down and really discerning what was photo-worthy... more on that after I get my holgas back (unless all my pics are lame, in which case we never had this conversation).

3. These happened.

4. Rope sandals aside, Kevin is the bestest ever... especially when he makes gourmet-style hamburgers while camping. What a badass.

5. Kevin has a whole set of camping utensils. I became a bit obsessed with this mini whisk... I think I like holding mini objects because I'm only 5'3" and it makes me feel like a giant. Completely reasonable, right?

6. There's something so relaxing about staring into the campfire... plus it was the s'more-maker, so I will always think of the campfire fondly.

7. Sexy, huh? I grew up in Colorado and this is my first pair of hiking boots. I guess it's finally time to embrace my Colorado-ness.

8. It wasn't until the second day I finally felt relaxed. It's crazy how long it can take to unwind from the week. I finally felt like I was on vacation when I took this picture. We had just got back from a hike and I was sitting around watching the clouds... perfect moment.

9. I posted this s'more to the 'gram yesterday... I still miss it. S'mores really should be served in restaurants... gasp! or food trucks. Someone please start a s'more food truck.

In conclusion, I had a great time... I think more camping adventures are in my future. How was your weekend, friends? I missed you guys.

Slow Down

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in the mountains with one of my very favorite families. It made me realize how important it is to get away from the routine, slow down, eat well, and surround yourself with positive people. Now how do I hang onto this feeling after the weekend... that's the tricky part. Pinterest, help a sista out.

Pinterest is the best site for inspiration ever. Fact.

On Pinterest too? Follow the artsocial pinning extravaganza here!

images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Etsy Denver: Christmas Cards

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like hipster Santa and his pals Gingerbread Man and Snowman. If these cats were ever in Denver, they would totally be hanging out at Sputnik discussing the commercialization of Christmas over a round of PBRs. Hipster Snowman Christmas Card by Love and Paper

Hipster Gingerbread Man Christmas Card by Love and Paper

Have mustaches jumped the shark yet? No? Okay, good. Cuz this ho's got a mustache, er... as in ho, ho, ho. Mustache Christmas Card by Shabby Scrap

For your mysterious friend or religiously ambiguous coworker: Unsure of Religion Card by Neat Things

Interested in a more classic Christmas? This card would go great with these... ohhhh or these. Striped Christmas Card by Black Cat Design

Happy Holidays, dear readers! This weekend will be a Christmas extravaganza - I need to decorate my scroogey, decoration-less home and start sending cards and buying presents and making presents (might try this)... wish me luck!

Etsy Denver: FALL

Autumn and/or fall is here, my friends. No better way to celebrate than with some autumnally-colored treasures from local Etsy shops.

Bicycle pint glass by vital

Magnetic Chalkboard Weekly Calendar by Name Drop


Flour sack towel with poem by Urban Bird and Co

Eggplant and mustard thread spool necklace by Becky's Buttons


Flour sack towel with red bird by Urban Bird and Co

Red ship wall hanging by Cyanide Stitches

The Art of the Kitchen

Me and the kitchen don't like each other. Basically the only thing I make is instant oatmeal (and I'm told I even do that wrong... Kevin). Anyhoo, I'd like to get along with the kitchen better. I'd like us to be friends and make cramazing meals together. Maybe these kitchen-inspired patterns will help me warm up to the kitchen - cuz art I gets, but cooking? Not so much.


A kitchen with laughs (and booze) is the best kind of kitchen:

And this is for all the art historians out there. If you ever have to explain Semiotics, just play this video.


Images clockwise: Coffee Cups in Retro, Metro Market PearsToasters in Earth and Coffee and Mugs in Aqua, from Denver Etsy shop Fabric Luv; 1950s Kitchen Blenders and Summer Orange Slices, from the Etsy shop Spice Berry Cottage

New Series: Etsy Denver

Hey Denver, you're alright! I'm finding so many local gems on Etsy. These three shops really put the art in crafty (hey, it's in there somewhere)...

I gots to pin this bear on my jacket... and also here.

There's some serious awesome happening here. Which piece of this neighborhood puzzle do you live in?

Like whoa. I think these are made with equal parts cool and off the heezy.

images: larka designs; January Jones Prints; becky's buttons

Are YOU crafty and local? Let us know! We'll give your talented self one sweet shout out and feature you on the blog... now that would grant you some serious bragging rights.