6 Days Until Blogshop

Blogshop is happening within the week, guys. My excitement is almost too much to handle. I can't wait to get out there and learn me some Photoshop from Bri & Angela!!

Did I mention this will be my first visit to Seattle too?? Double hooray! Kate sent me this amazing Seattle guide from Design*Sponge. Seriously I'm printing this and bringing it with me. It's like my very own, way cooler version of a Rick Steves travel book...

Image found here.

Why am I doing this, you ask? Let's start at the beginning...

Art... Word Up

"Use your words." I often say to my 4 year old niece... and sometimes to my boyfriend. Words are a great way to get a message across (obvi)... and when words are combined with images? Well that's just the bees knees, my friend.  

City Neighborhood Posters found here

DENVER in words and Seattle in words by January Jones Prints


Want more word art? These Word Paintings by Wayne White are word genius!