A while back I wrote a post called Crafting for the Crafting Inept. That's because I'm a super impatient/not very skilled crafter. I want it to look uh-mazing and put very minimal effort into it. Unreasonable?

That, my friends, is why I looove digital crafts. Ok, some of you may be thinking that digital crafts aren't really crafts. Glue, scissors, physical materials must be involved. You might be right... but when MJ of Parscaeli picked "typography" for this month's DIY Date, I immediately rejoiced because I could create a typography diy of sorts right in good ol' Photoshop. No overwhelming trip to the craft store, no clean up, no Meowmers getting into my craft bag and ripping up my construction paper. This DDIY (digital DIY) is gonna be grrreat!

Plus I love Photoshop. I use it basically daily (whoa, computer nerd much?). I'm gonna show you a suuuuper easy way to use Photoshop to take your photos and/or Instagrams to the next level of awesome.

To add a little pizazz to your photos, Instagrams, or those phenom images you find on Pinterest, follow these easy steps:

1. open your image in Photoshop. If you want to add text to an Instagram, use a site like Instagrid or ink361 to save them to your computer... and then let the fun begin.

2. in Photoshop, select the type tool (the "T" in your toolbar). Cool shortcut? Just hit the "T" key on your keyboard to select the type tool.

3. now for a rad font. On the top bar you'll see a drop-down menu for font styles, font size, etc. Click on the drop-down menu to select the font you'd like to use. While Photoshop comes with plenty of options to pick from, I highly recommend browsing sites like Font Squirrel or Da Font for fun and FREEEE fonts to download. No more boring fonts, k?

4. click anywhere on your image and a cursor will appear. write your message, yo. I love finding inspirational quotes from my beloved text | image pinboard and typing them on my photos to create my own little art prints...

5. find the best spot for your text. To move the text around, use the "select" tool at the very top of your toolbar. Cool shortcut? Press "V" on your keyboard. Oh yeah. These seconds you save add up, ya hear.

6. Text too big or too small? Select the type tool once again and double click your text. This should highlight your text. Now go back to the top bar, click the font size drop-down menu to select a different size.

Easy, yes? You could totally print these off, frame them, and have yourself one awesomely unique gift...

This was a super quick lesson - if you have questions, please ask!! I'd love to help. I know Photoshop can be cray...

Next up will be the "NOT SO SIMPLE" text lesson in Photoshop... stay tuned, friendies.

DIY Date // 2

DIY Date number one went pretty well... fun washi tape craft, good conversation about the environment, pretty good looking, there was a little booze involved. Pretty great first date, so that means a second date was in order. In case you missed the first round, DIY Date is run by the fabulous Louise of Laid Off Mom. She picks a certain supply or medium and whoever wants to participate will use the given supply/medium to create something unique. This month? BEADS.

When I first started researching for this date, I realized what a bad rap bead crafts have (macrame plant holders come to mind). As a result, finding inspiration for this date ended up being a bit more challenging than the previous washi tape date. Washi tape is just so loved and adored by all... but ya know, with a little perseverance and lots of time on Pinterest, I think it turned out preeeetty good. These simple necklaces were very much inspired by this and this. I realized on this DIY Date, crafts don't have to be complicated or time-consuming... and they definitely never need macrame (I apologize in advance if anyone did macrame for this DIY Date).

This DIY Date came with a little twist: we have to give our craft to someone. Eeep pressure! Now it actually has to look good. Welp. I decided to give one of these gems to my incredibly talented and inspiring friend/fellow craft gangster: Kate Donaldson, and the other is going to the most awesome niece in all the land: Diem. She's turning 5 at the end of the month, so this will be part of her birthday prezzie. Shhhh. Don't tell her. Good thing she's too young to read my blog... She loves trying on my necklaces and bracelets when I visit, so now she can have her very own "grown up" necklace. I hope she likes it even though it's not Hello Kitty related... Hello Kitty seems to be all the rage amongst 5 year olds.

Anyhoo, in case you want to partake in this easy shmeesy craft:

what you need wooden beads chain paint (the brighter, the bettaaaa) sponge brush masking tape

what to do Using masking tape, tape off part of the bead. Paint exposed portion of the bead. Paint as many or as few as you'd like. Get creative, friendies. After the beads dry, remove the tape, then string them onto the chain. You're ready to rock those beads.

Images by artsocial.

DIY Date

Guys. I hate wasting paper. I'm so extremely conscious of wasting paper, this complex might be a few quirks away from full-on dementia (Seinfeld reference, anyone?). I actually may have eco-anxiety... no not really. I have stacks of paper "saved" from work and college - meant for the trash or recycle bin - that dates back to 2010. My thinking at the time was that I'd use it for scratch paper, note-taking paper, grocery list-making paper... um yeah or just let it pile up into a fire hazard. SO when Louise of Laid Off Mom contacted me about doing a DIY Date with washi tape (yay!), I knew I wanted to incorporate my pile of "saved" paper. My idea? Mini notebooks with a little washi tape pizazz...

Mini Notebooks + Washi Tape

Life post-college and grad school means no more notebooks. Sure, I could carry around a full-size 5 Star notebook, but then I'd be that girl. Let's get real. Mini notebooks are much more practical. These little gems measure roughly 3 x 4 inches... I discovered I hate measuring and cutting things in a straight line by the way. Made for some interesting notebooks. Anyhoo, I wanted to add some funny/motivational words to the cover, but that's totally optional. If you'd rather leave out the words and let the washi tape do all the talking, then right on... and you can skip the first step.

what you need

- computer + printer

- white paper (recycled scrap paper is optional, but recommended :) don't give me more eco-anxiety)

- brown kraft paper for the cover

- scissors

- stapler


what to do

- using Microsoft Word or Photoshop, create any message you'd like for the cover and print it out onto the brown kraft paper. Set aside.

- cut white paper into 6 x 4 inch (width x height) sheets and fold them in half.

- cut brown kraft paper into slightly larger sheets, 6.25 x 4.25 inches should do it. Fold in half.

- fit folded white paper into folded brown kraft paper cover.

- lay flat and staple twice along the spine.

- you're ready to washi. Decorate however you'd like... and have fun, it's required.

P.S. I was pretty excited to find washi tape at Target...! But they call it printed paper tape, those weirdos... jk I love you, Target.

Below is the mini notebook in action a.k.a. the random items that accrue in my bag over the course of a week. I've been carrying around the "Create." mini to write down my bloggy ideas. There's nothing like using old fashioned pen and paper. I feel so productive...

Thank you, Louise, for including me on such a fun project!!