DIY Date // 2

DIY Date number one went pretty well... fun washi tape craft, good conversation about the environment, pretty good looking, there was a little booze involved. Pretty great first date, so that means a second date was in order. In case you missed the first round, DIY Date is run by the fabulous Louise of Laid Off Mom. She picks a certain supply or medium and whoever wants to participate will use the given supply/medium to create something unique. This month? BEADS.

When I first started researching for this date, I realized what a bad rap bead crafts have (macrame plant holders come to mind). As a result, finding inspiration for this date ended up being a bit more challenging than the previous washi tape date. Washi tape is just so loved and adored by all... but ya know, with a little perseverance and lots of time on Pinterest, I think it turned out preeeetty good. These simple necklaces were very much inspired by this and this. I realized on this DIY Date, crafts don't have to be complicated or time-consuming... and they definitely never need macrame (I apologize in advance if anyone did macrame for this DIY Date).

This DIY Date came with a little twist: we have to give our craft to someone. Eeep pressure! Now it actually has to look good. Welp. I decided to give one of these gems to my incredibly talented and inspiring friend/fellow craft gangster: Kate Donaldson, and the other is going to the most awesome niece in all the land: Diem. She's turning 5 at the end of the month, so this will be part of her birthday prezzie. Shhhh. Don't tell her. Good thing she's too young to read my blog... She loves trying on my necklaces and bracelets when I visit, so now she can have her very own "grown up" necklace. I hope she likes it even though it's not Hello Kitty related... Hello Kitty seems to be all the rage amongst 5 year olds.

Anyhoo, in case you want to partake in this easy shmeesy craft:

what you need wooden beads chain paint (the brighter, the bettaaaa) sponge brush masking tape

what to do Using masking tape, tape off part of the bead. Paint exposed portion of the bead. Paint as many or as few as you'd like. Get creative, friendies. After the beads dry, remove the tape, then string them onto the chain. You're ready to rock those beads.

Images by artsocial.