I can't believe how many art crushes I've found on Galleray. It's like all of my art soul mates are rounded up in one place... I decided to highlight Daniel Grant this week because, as a landlocked Colorado gal, I've always been slightly obsessed with the ocean and the whole beach lifestyle.


I grew up listening to Sublime, watching Dogtown and Z-Boys, and dreaming of moving to California some day. Hey, that still might happen... but in reality, I'd never be able to hang out in the sun all day (I'm Irish after all), I hate getting my hair wet, and I'm kind of afraid of the ocean. Still, a part of me dreams of being a surfer girl.


Daniel Grant creates his photos using a Holga camera. Love the Holgs! Although first created as children's toys, these cameras now have quite the cult following. They essentially take away the control and technical aspects of photography. Their poorly sealed cases are known for adding their own mark on the photos, like lens flaring, blurring, and vignetting.

When using a Holga, all you can do is try your best and surrender your control over the outcome... much like surfing. Whoa, did I just blow your mind?


Which Daniel Grant photo is your favorite? All of them? I hear ya...


01. longboard 02. twin palms 03. brft boy 04. dora 05. surf motel 06. pride 07. timing sets 08. right

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