awesomewithbing.denver2014-5 A few months ago, I had the honor of going to the Search for Your Awesome par-tay hosted by The Alison Show and Bing. Did I tell you about it?? Well since it's throwback Thursday, here's the scoop. Get ready for some serious party inspiration...

party placeawesomewithbing.denver2014-23the best party peopleparty tableAWESOME place settingballoons and fringeaiko popsflorals to die forto be interesting

Holy moly, guys. They had a superstar crew working on this shindig. Melanie Blodgett from You Are My Fave was in charge of the decor and the activities for the night. Needless to say, SHE NAILED IT.

Outside, there were drinks, a food truck (I'm obsessed), Aiko Pops (also obsessed), and ice cream from Em's a.k.a the best coconut ice cream of my life. Plus there were adorable and instagram-worthy details EVERYWHERE. The cuteness was almost too much to handle. It was basically a blogger's paradise.

How gorgeous are those floral arrangements by Rebecca Caridad?? SO much talent, that one.

wall hangingswall hanging detailslearning to weave with smile and wavepractice practice

After all of the deliciousness and photo-taking, we headed inside for an evening of DIYing. Rachel Denbow of Smile and Wave taught us how to do her beautiful wall hangings. AND we all got our very own weaving starter kits. I was in DIY heaven.

colorful yarngorgeous detailsawesomest party favorsweaving with the alison show

Enough show and tell, there's also a video!! It captured the evening and all of the fun details so well...

I'm beyond thrilled I got to spend an evening with this group of amazing ladies. There's something about being around a group of like-minded creatives that always makes me feel so inspired. I felt especially inspired after this evening. Alison is one of the most genuine peeps you'll ever meet AND the most fun. My proof? This party + her How to Be Awesome series. It's a life-changer. Watch immediately, k?

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Photos by the beautiful and talented Heather Gray. Awesome video by Modern Atelier.


denver-guide I am so proud of my little hometown. It's grown so much over the years. SO many amazing shops and restaurants have popped up everywhere. Like GOOD shops and restaurants, places I recommend to everyone.

A few of those spots can be found on South Broadway, an area that's equal parts cute, hipster, and grungy. Hey, grunge is part of any city right? It's nothing dangerous... just gives the 'hood some personality.

I've been a South Broadway regular since I bought my very first graphic tee and Ramones purse at the age of 15. The Ramones purse is long gone (bummer, I know), but Broadway is still one of my favorite places to find unique goodies.

I teamed up with the incredibly awesome and talented Annabelle Mintz of Evergreen Lane Productions to create this video of a few Broadway faves. Talk about a fun day. We might need to do another. What do ya say, Annabelle? The Highlands next?

Here are a few spots you'll see in the vid plus some other South Broadway gems!

+ Sugar Bakeshop: I took a high altitude baking class here and fell in luurrve. They had me at homemade poptarts. Plus with typewriters and local artwork decorating the joint? I mean, come on. I love them.

+ Fancy Tiger Crafts: an all time fave. Remember those adorable mini embroidery projects from the summer Eat Drink Create? Yep, the supplies were from Fancy Tiger.

+ Fancy Tiger Clothing: awesome + unique finds (yes, I did buy the Arts & Cats button from the video... I wear them proudly).

+ Punch Bowl Social: bowling, arcade games, de-licious foods... nuff said.

+ Starlet: so much cuteness in this store! They have 2 locations here in Denver AND an online shop! Hands down my favorite clothing store, I can always find something cute & unique.

+ Sweet Action Ice Cream: heavenly + hand made + local. I eat it in the summer. I eat it in the dead of winter when it's -5 degrees. It's that good.

+ The Mayan Theater: the coolest old school independent theater (decorated in art deco Mayan revival style (obvs) and the top is shaped like a Mayan temple!).

Are you in Denver? What are some of your favorite places?

Images by artsocial; video by Evergreen Lane Productions.


wpclasstrip Guys, I think Denver's getting cooler. Like, waaay cooler. My proof (and the only proof I need)? The Warby Parker bus came to Denver and hung out for 3 whole weeks!

They're touring the U.S. in a refurbished school bus made to look like a professor’s library, complete with leather sofas, wood paneling, vintage books, and a way cute selection Warby Parker frames. Oh and a photo booth! Whaaat. You know I love that.

warby parker class trip

I had such a blast visiting the Warby Parker crew last week. It makes me so proud of Denver. Big things are happening around these parts... and I finally got a cute pair of glasses, I've been wanting a pair ever since the coolest lady I know introduced me to them a couple years ago.

Their class trip isn't over yet. If they happen to be in your town, go say hi... and maybe get some Baxter frames, too, so we can be twinsies!

Images by artsocial.


Eat_Drink_Create_Summer_Invitation That's right, friends. Lexy and I are doing it again! We've been workin' hard to prepare for the next Eat Drink Create and, I'm tellin' you, this one is going to be off. the. hook. We're planning one sweet little party in the park.

We've teamed up with Fancy Tiger Crafts and October Ink for one super awesome diy project. The Humble Pie Store will be providing - yep - PIE! And Minted is giving us a hand with some suh-weet picnic party decor. Don't miss it, ya hear!

Check out the hashtag #eatdrinkcreate to follow along with our party prep adventures and get pumped. I can't wait to party it up with you Denver gals!

Invitation + logo design by Sarah Fritzler.



You know where I'd like to shop and party every week? MADEWELL. I had such a blast co-hosting a summer party with Madewell earlier this month. Of course I asked Kate Donaldson to be there to capture everything. I'm so excited to share the photos with you!


We had french macaroons from D Bar, arguably the best EVER. Seriously. If you live in Denver, drive there right now and try one. You can finish reading this post later.


This lemon rosemary soda from the Backyard Soda Co. was not only delicious, but SO much fun to style... I'm now obsessed with drinking everything out of jelly jars tied with twine bows.


Along with the giant and uh-mazing macaroons, we also had fruit in snow cone cups. Highly recommend for your next summer party. They're easy to make and so much fun to photograph - clearly that's the most important thing. Oh plus they're healthy and stuff.


Madewell asked me to pick out my favorite summer items. When I realized I couldn't fit the entire store on one rack, I opted for a few dresses, some chambray shirts, anything with polka dots, and one of the cutest jackets in the whole world. I know, it's summer. But sometimes it's cold in the evenings... you know, when you're inside and the AC is on.


After the snacks came the shopping and general merrymaking...


I'm a big fan of party favors. Giving them, receiving them. Doesn't matter. These little succulents matched the Madewell aesthetic so well. They not only made great favors, but they were the perfect decor during the party.


HUGE thank you to Madewell and everyone who came out. Big hugs to all of you!

event by: artsocial and Madewell photos by: Kate Donaldson Photography


EATDRINKCREATE You may remember hearing about a little party called Eat Drink Create... hosted by artsocial and The Proper Pinwheel at West Elm. Yeah? A few times? I'm so excited to finally share the details! Omigosh make sure you scroll down to the video Evergreen Lane Productions put together for us...! It captures the event so perfectly.


When Lexy and I first started planning this event, I really only had one goal: get awesome creative people together + have fun. Okay that's two goals... but I'm happy to say we accomplished both. High five! There are so many amazing creative people in Colorado. You all deserve more parties.


Is there anything better than mini donuts, popcorn, jarritos, and diy fringe lanterns?? Nope. I didn't think so. That's what happens when two bloggers who love sugar and colorful diys come together to plan an event... I couldn't have asked for a better co-host!


... and I definitely couldn't have asked for better guests. Holla to the amazing + talented ladies who came out that night!! Big hugs to everyone.

Can I just stop for a sec and say, Kate Donaldson takes the BEST photos... mad skillz, yo. Check out Lexy's recap for even more photo awesomeness!


We put a lot of attention into the details. Creating rad photo ops for everyone was very important to me... I take my instagrams srsly, ya hear. I had SO much fun going through the photos on the #eatdrinkcreate instagram feed!


Oh West Elm, I love you. Huge thank you to everyone at West Elm in Cherry Creek for having us! The space was perfect. The whole crew down there is uh-mazing. Not gonna lie, I was secretly shopping during the event... I mean, hanging garden? Must have.


Guys. The swag bags. was ridiculously awesome and donated a pom pom flower for each guest!! Whaaaat. You guys know how much I love my flair, I was beyond excited. I still am.


Wait, the swag bags got even better. First, I learned that the incredibly talented Lemon Jitters was contributing hello magnets + chalkboard tags *happy dance*. THEN Consumer Crafts kicked things up a few hundred notches by donating enough craft goodies to keep everyone creating for months. Seriously. Amazing. Thank you.


If that wasn't enough awesomeness, Artifact Uprising blew us away by offering a 40 page 8.5x8.5 softcover photo book to one of our lucky guests!! I was stoked, I'm a huge fan. We randomly selected a winner... you ready? *Drum roll* congrats to Tara of Modern Maven!! Woot woot! Lexy will be in touch.

Omigosh okay, time for the video... huge thank you to Annabelle Mintz of Evergreen Lane Productions for creating this video for us! She's so talented, I can't stand it.

Offline events, getting together in person, chillin' IRL? That's the good stuff. The next Eat Drink Create is in the works, friends. I can't wait!!

HUGE thank you to everyone who made this awesome party possible! Srsly, say hi, follow them on twitter, send them love. We couldn't have done this without these amazing folks:

+ + Consumer Crafts + Kate Donaldson + West Elm + Sarah Fritzler + Lemon Jitters + Annabelle Mintz + Artifact Uprising


Photos by Kate Donaldson Photo; video by Evergreen Lane Productions; Eat Drink Create logo by Sarah Fritzler.

Ma Weekend

1. I found the most awesome site ever this weekend. Hobstr creates hobby starter kits for your next creative project. Ummm awesome. I'm seriously thinking about trying their Holga starter kit. Lomography, or toy camera photography, creates super awesome flaws and effects such as vignetting, blurring, discoloration, and lens flaring. Just like Instagram only cooooler. Check out their Pinterest board of Holga photos.

2. If said Holga starter kit is purchased, how many photos do you think I'd take of this little guy? It might get out of hand. Sorry Meowmers, I might be following you around with a camera soon...

3. Guys. Mini sculptures. They're the wave of the future, you heard it here first. Mini banana by Shay Aaron.

4. I did a little house/pet-sitting for my Dad this weekend. It's always nice to go home every once in a while... makes me reflect on my life a lot. Does that happen to you when you go home?

5. Denver friends. Eat at Toast. You won't be disappointed.

6. Me and Kevin decided to have a pizza making party on Saturday... and it. got. crazy. Just kidding. But we decided to make our own individual pizzas, so he had free reign to put anything on his pizza without my input, something that rarely (never) happens when we share a pizza... so this is what we ended up with: buffalo chicken pizza with onions and blue cheese VS veggie pizza with artichokes, olives, mushrooms, spinach, and feta. Hmm can you guess which one's mine? P.S. they were both amazing... maybe I should let him pick the pizza toppings more often.

7. Amen, pink balloon, amen.

8. This weekend I learned that sangria is crazy easy to make... and crazy delicious. So excited to feature this summer sangria on The Art Drank tomorrow, eep! And so excited to drink the rest of it that's in the fridge...

9. Is there any better way to end the weekend than with sushi and Breaking Bad? The answer is no, no there isn't.

How was your weekend??


(all photos without links were taken by me for artsocial)

Oh Hi July

Guys, how is it July already?? When I was little, summer vacation was divided into two parts: pre-fourth of July and post-fourth of July. When this holiday rolled around, I always felt a twinge of sadness. My glorious summer vacation was winding down! Oh the (illogical) worries of an 8 year old. Anyhoo before I can think about this exciting holiday week ahead, let's look back at some fun and internet finds from the weekend...

1. This weekend started off with a little game called baseball. Going to a game around the 4th of July has become a bit of a family tradition. Mainly because the games around the 4th include...

2. Fireworks! Like the most obnoxious, 'merican display of in-your-face fireworks of all time. It's borderline disgusting... After looking at this pic, who else has that Katy Perry song stuck in their head?? You didn't, but now  you do? Sorry guys.

3. Jen Gotch has gotta be one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. This girl's got mad talent. And her shop? FULL of said talent.

4. Raspberry lime sorbet from this place... which for some reason my boyfriend kept saying was made with "bits of real panther, so you know it's good." Yep, that's my boyfriend. He likes to randomly quote Anchorman. That's why I loves him.

5. Sally Mann is one of my favsies. Her photographs are so hauntingly beautiful. This work is part of her At Twelve series. It seems to capture something so typical of being a teenager in the summertime - beauty, boredom, self-consciousness, angst. I love the stories all of her works tell.

6. This cup by Fine Little Day is super adorbs. It's definitely worthy of holding my chai teas. This whole shop is full of cute goodies.

7. I'm in love with this work, Untitled #8 (The Fall), by Laura Letinsky. The beautiful simplicity of the composition, the lighting, the title, the already eaten sundae... what at first seems so simple and unassuming, develops so many layers the more you look at it. Pretty rad.

8. This weekend was a raspberry beer cocktail kind of weekend. Yes! The very same one I posted on the blog last week. Friends, let me tell you. These things are delicious... and thus a little dangerous. But I think the deliciousness outweighs the risk factor.

9. I had the BEST time Saturday evening. Out at a club? Nope. Having a party? No again. Having a picnic. That's right, I'm crazy. Me and the boyfriend took a blanket, some books, and snacks (which may or may not have included those raspberry beer cocktails) to the park by our house. Laying in the park, reading, and eating french bread, brie, and salami (best dinner ever) was so much fun. I really need to schedule more picnics in the future... like every weekend.

Happy Monday, friends. Hope you had a great weekend!


(all pictures without links were taken by me for artsocial)


Round 'em Up

Well hello there, friends. Since I skipped the weekend roundup last week to post my vlogging debut, I was preeetty excited to get back to it this week. But I'm starting to wonder if I do anything other than eat, look at art, eat, and go to the movies on the weekends... not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's good to be well-rounded, right? Maybe I'll start doing karate. Oh! or taking hip hop dance classes. I really want to learn how to dougie once and for all...

1. This weekend started with me making dinner for the boyfriend. Now this may seem boring, routine, UNexciting, but guys I NEVER make dinner. This was a big deal. I am not the cook in my relationship. Having a boyfriend that can cook incredible meals is A. amazeballs B. romantic as hell and C. very intimidating. After he makes the best chicken enchiladas ever, I can't exactly make him my signature buttered noodles with parmesan (if I even have that, sometimes it's just salt and pepper). But I had an ace up my sleeve this weekend. My bestie had told me about the most delicious and simple grilled cheese sandwich of all time: the Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Fancy grilled cheese? Now that's my speed. And it was a big hit.

2. This photograph by Kristin Kirkley Photography can come live at my house. Srsly put it in any room and it's a party... except without all the music and drunk people and clean up afterwards. Sounds like a win to me.

3. I pinned this on Friday and I can't stop thinking about it. After my TIATTY post, I've felt so inspired by the support from my friends and some incredibly awesome fellow bloggers. It makes me want to really go for it, to follow my passions. After being unsure of my career path for so long, I think I've caught a glimpse of where I belong. And that makes the future pretty exciting. Ok cheesy moment over... but if you want to sing along to LMFAO's "Yes" with me, it's totally playing in my head right now and seems appropriate for the moment (cuz everyday I see my dream). P.S. I know, I don't know why I like this music either...

4. Umm a drawing of a bear made out of the word "bear" - this doesn't even need an explanation as to why I picked it for the roundup. It's coolness is obvious.

5. Whoa dudes. These porcelain sugar cones are perfection. Let's get something straight right now: I screamed for ice cream, not some kind of spongy baked good. I don't like the cones. Just get a cup, you might say. Well that's just not the same. I would like to enjoy my ice cream sans spoon. All of my ice cream problems are now solved thanks to this Etsy shop.

6. 20x200 had a ridonk sale this weekend (that's actually what they called it, that's not my white girl gangster talk... this time). I l.o.v.e this photograph Winter Flags (East Village, New York) by Youngna Park. Want? Yes. Need? Also yes.

7. Oh the washi tape. I'm getting some to jazz up my business cards... and my life in general. Putting washi tape on anything makes it better. Fact.

8. Saturday night consisted of seeing Moonrise Kingdom at the Mayan Theatre. This theater was built in 1930 and is one of Denver's independent and foreign film cinemas. Needless to say it's super old school. Add a Wes Anderson movie to this scenario and you get hipsterfest 5000. But I really really love this theater and the movie was AWESOME, go see it immediately. Does that make me a hipster? Probably. Especially since I took an instagram of it for the blog. Ha! And I was wearing skinny jeans... damn!

9. Speaking of Denver, I recently discovered an amazing local artist. Inspired by "the final girl" in horror films and the "femme fatale" character in film noir, Sigri Strand creates Cindy Sherman-esque photographs that are incredibly rad. There's so much more to the story in these colorful, stylized photos... and I'm dying to know what that story is. Great art always leaves you wanting more...

Happy Muesday

Since Monday was an extension of the glorious weekend, I'm officially calling today Muesday. I thought a long weekend would mean I'd have a whole lot to jam into my weekend roundup, but ya know, I actually took a lot of time to relax this weekend. Sometimes a girl needs to sleep until 10 and then take an afternoon nap... am I right?

1. Two words: Disco Brunch. The Corner Office in Downtown Denver is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots ever. Not only do they have an awesome brunch dubbed the Disco Brunch, but they have a disco ball in the bathroom and a wall full of funny post-its. And yes, I took this picture in the bathroom. Oh yeah, and the food's pretty great.

2. How many pom pom flowers are too many pom pom flowers? Answer: you can never have too many. I already have colorful pom poms, so I needed a neutral one right? I basically HAD TO buy it.

3. Omigosh guys. This article called The "Hell Yes!" Approach to Better, Bolder Decision Making is a life-changer. I hate to admit it but I'm one of those people pleasers who has a really hard time saying no... and I kind of hate it. I hate it because by saying yes to things I know I don't want to do, I'm basically saying no to myself. After reading this article, I want to make a change. While the article is geared towards business decisions, I think the "Hell Yes!" Approach is really how we should be making all of the decisions in our lives. SO, I'm gonna start saying "hell yes!" to myself and my intuitive responses. I'll let you know how it goes...

4. What's a long weekend without a little shopping? The boyfriend was sweet enough to brave H&M with me. While he looked miserable - and a little peaked at times - he made it through and I made it out with 2 shirts I'll probs live in this summer and some cuuuuute hair ties - which by the way are very similar to these, for half the price.

5. This beach umbrella photograph by Alice B. Gardens just says summer... added to cart.

6. These DIY envelopes made from the pages of a J. Crew catalog are preeetttty awesome. Kind of so cute I can't stand it.

7. I know I live in Colorado so I should be obsessed with all things outdoorsy, but honestly one of my favorite things to do is go to the movies. 75 degrees and sunny? Yeah but the new Men in Black just came out... and if the movie theater has a photo booth? Done deal. I'm there.

8. I'm in love with this super rad illustration... but it's apparently from a Soviet-era children's book called Klop (The Bedbug) by Mayakovsky. As someone who is thoroughly creeped out by bedbugs, I think the !!!!! is an appropriate illustration.

9. Oh Joy recently declared pie is the new cupcake. When Joy predicts a new dessert trend, you listen. But eating an entire slice of pie is a big commitment... so these super adorbs peekaboo pie pops by Cakewalk Desserts are the perfect solution.

Hope you all had an incredible long weekend!


(all photos without a link were taken by artsocial... some of which can be found on the 'gram)