The Art Drank // 18

This week's drank holds a special place in my heart. In 2007, I studied abroad in Grenoble, France, for 6 whole weeks. Whoa, right? Ok ok, most people study abroad for an entire year and live with host families. MUCH more difficult/cooler than my experience... but it was still incroyable!!

At the end of my Grenoble trip, I wrote down all of the words that reminded me of my time there so I'd never forget. Here are some of my Grenoble words:

lavender the voice of the intercom lady on the tram (ha! what??) pain au chocolate soldes! (major summer sales) kebabs (if you're ever in Grenoble, go to Bat'man Kebab) ice cream from the street skinny jeans going out keys (we had to get keys from our dorm master if we were planning on coming home late...) small/weird showers Despas!

This last one is what I present to you today, my friend. The Desperado (or Despa for short... for some reason) is a beer cocktail - one of the BEST beer cocktails I might add - and I've only found it in France. Luckily with a little search of the Google, I found a recipe for my beloved Despas. Get ready.



two parts beer (I used Corona) 1 part tequila 1 part limeade lime to garnish


Mix these three delicious elixirs together with ice and enjoy. As always, feel free to change up the ratios... I lean towards more limeade and beer, less tequila.

Awesome art print by French artist Mathilde Aubier, check out her Etsy shop (it's the cutest!); drank photo by artsocial; drank recipe found here.