life lately 01 Mornings have become my faaaavorite. Which is funny because I'm definitely not a morning person. (Confession: I get up at 8:30. Hey, this gal needs her zzzs.) Anyhoo, my routine is iced chai and blogs + email in bed... usually while wearing cat pajamas. And I love it. What's your morning routine?

02 Pets have a way of keeping everything in perspective, don't you think? Throughout the day Meowmers reminds me that nothing is worth stressing over... and there's ALWAYS time for snuggle breaks and bird watching (his favorite pastime, close 2nd to napping).

03 THESE. And this: "We're all golden sunflowers inside." - Allen Ginsberg

04 Denver friends, have you been to Aiko Pops yet?? If not, GO. NOW. I wanted to try one of everything, but settled on grapefruit rosemary. So yum. When will they invent popsicle flights??

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portland-bound Traveling is one of my very favorite things. I'm always planning my next adventure. In fact, I planned this trip way back in July! I am super excited to explore Portland. I've never been there before. I'm told I'll love it... and I bet Portlandia will be even funnier after visiting.

But the main reason I'm going is because one of my very favorite people in the world lives there. I cannot wait to mix some drinks and have many, many dance parties. I think I'm finally going to perfect my dougie...

But I must know! Where should I go while I'm in Portland? Restaurants, shops, drinkeries - I'd love your tips + recommendations!

Wait - would you want to come to Portland with me? You totally should. Oh okay, if you can't there's always instagram :) see ya soon, friends.

Image by Victor Blackman found here.


As I enter week 2 of collaboration month, I've started thinking about different collab opportunities outside of the traditional avenues (i.e. working directly with other bloggers and brands)... I'm thinking of it as conceptual collaboration (ha!) as I'm not working with the brand directly, but I am participating in a project. For me, the heart of collaboration is a willingness to branch out and try new things... so let's branch.

In an attempt to think outside the collaboration box, I thought it could be fun to participate in Kate Spade's Art of the Dot campaign. Here's the gist: spot a dot, take a photo, and upload it for the whole world to see on Kate Spade's facebook page or on instagram, using #artofthedot. I'm already pretty obsessed with the 'gram, so an excuse to take more photos?? Don't have to ask me twice.

Follow all the action live on the 'gram: @Erin_artsocial. Wanna join me?

Images: balloon print | buttons

Pinned and 'Grammed

Holy mid-May, it's almost summer guys! Even Mondays are a little happier this time of year. This weekend roundup is dedicated to you, summer. Let's have a drink and get our tan on real soon, ok? And by "get our tan on" I mean wear 85 spf and hang out in the shade. I'm of Irish descent, 'nuff said.

1. This weekend started with a Negra Modelo and the boyfriend making chicken tacos. Feels like summer and tastes like summer. Aww yeeah.

2. So I don't have a garden and I can barely keep houseplants alive - srsly, I somehow killed my diy terrarium... I thought those things were basically self-sustaining? But it's spring-ish summer, I'd like to have some plants around. SO, I think maybe, just maybe, even I could keep this ball of moss in an apothecary jar alive... by Pink Serissa.

3. I'm determined to get my apartment fully decorated by the end of the summer. I know, that's a long time. Decorating gives me anxiety... so I'm taking baby steps. One piece of artwork each week until every room looks awesome. Here's my second purchase, Catloaf by Jen Ray (and here's my first).  Of course I Googled "catloaf" and discovered that it's actually a legit term used to describe a cat sitting with all four paws tucked under its body... you know, as legit as urban dictionary gets anyways. I encourage you to Google too, let's get weird.

4. Hoorah for summer movies. How rad is this retro-style movie poster for Inception? These others aren't too shabby either...

5. The weekend started a little early this week with the celebration of miss Kate Donaldson's birthday. With fruit/slurpee/tequila/champagne cocktails on the patio and a cake illustrating the timeless debate bear vs. shark, the night ranked high on the awesomeness scale.

6. In honor of future summer patio celebrations, I started looking for a new drink with the right amount of sweetness and booziness (and maybe a little less slurpee). Well call off the search. Meet the blackberry smash.

7. My all time favorite instagrammer is Chicago-based photographer Paul Octavious. He does a 'gram series of the same hill - or to put it in instagram terms #samehilldifferentday. This Saturday it was all about kite flyin'... awesome. Follow this man: @pauloctavious. Oh and he has an adorable dog named Gizmo who makes frequent instagram appearances.

8. Here's to more picnicking this summer. Who's with me? Image found here.

9. With a name like Sweet Action and flavors like Colorado margarita, chocolate andes mint, chai (!!), and salted butterscotch, this little ice cream shop is a must for summer. If you're in Denver, go immediately.

Would You Printstagram?

Heck yeah I would! I'm a big Instagram fan. I mean it's so easy to take a gorgeous photo (if someone's photo doesn't look good on Instagram, that person is just not trying). I love it because everyone has the same exact tools to create something amazing. It's a level playing field. No BFA in photography needed - although surely that helps - no expensive equipment, no film, just you and the app at hand. And then the sharing, oh the sharing. It's so much fun to be able to say, "hey world, look at this awesome photo of my oatmeal!" Ok I don't know why that's so fun exactly... except for the fact that we all want to connect... and what better way to connect than with awesome, vintage-y looking photos?

But would you print your Instagrams? There are so many great ways to make your 'grams tangible: minibooks, stickers, magnets, pillows! Are things coming full circle? After freely snapping digital photos, uploading them to our computers, and sharing them with our friends on Facebook, do we finally want the real thing again? A print to hold in our hands, a poster to put on our walls, a magnet that proudly says "My Oatmeal!" to hang on the fridge... maybe.

Honestly, I can't wait to order some of these gems from Printstagram. I mean, how cute is that tiny book??

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Feels like Spring

When I was little (er and all throughout my adult life), it was a tradition for me and my mom to look for signs of spring. Starting in March, we'd start the search for anything slightly springy, from the obvious - budding trees and flowers - to the more conceptual - flip-flop wearers and the opening of the drive-in (which is honestly more a sign of summer, but hey, these aren't hard and fast rules). Like I said, I've continued with this tradition. And thanks to the power of - and my obsession with - Instagram, I've captured a few signs of spring just for you, you lucky reader.

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Instagram Thoughts

Oh Instagram. I'll admit it, I love me some Instagram - just ask my boyfriend during our Seattle trip (srsly, incessant Instagram-ing was taking place... do I really need another sepia-toned picture of chai? YES). It's quickly becoming one of my favorite social media outlets. Why? Because it's visual. I studied art history for 6 years. I guess I kinda like images. But, dear readers, there are a few things that must be cleared up about Instagram.* Let's review some dos and don'ts:

DO these things:

- Take pictures of yummy food (especially breakfast). For some reason breakfast just looks really good on Instagram... that and sushi... oh and desserts.

- Zoom in y'all. Details are the best part.

- Look to the color. Color = automatically interesting.

Now DON'T do these things:

- Take numerous profile pictures. Ok, I'm as narcissistic as the next person, but this is not the platform for repeatedly taking your own picture. People follow you on Instagram. We see these. It's awkward.

- Take daily pictures of your pets. I'm totally guilty of this, but let me explain. When I first joined Instagram, I thought I was the only one who could see my pictures. I realize this means I had no idea what I signed up for. That's ok. I admit I didn't. So for those of you I used to go to high school with who followed me right after I joined - I promise I am NOT a crazy cat lady. I have a cat named Meowmers, he's the jam. But I'll limit my Meowmers pics to once per month.

Just one pic of Meowmies... that took incredible restraint. This may be a short "don't" list, but that doesn't mean it is any less important.

*I realize I am not an authority on good photography - nor do I think Instagram-ing makes one a photographer... only a insta-ographer. These are just my Instagram thoughts.

HUGE thank you to Janna for sending these amaze breakfast pics! Other pics found here.

Hello from Seattle

Hey there, friends. You know I couldn't stay away from the blog for a whole week! I just had to pop in to say hello and share some Instagram action from Seattle town.

So turns out Seattle is full of deliciousness and sunshine... or at least that's how it's been for the last few days. And ohmygod, guys, Blogshop was amazeballs. I'll be sure to write a full report this weekend when I get back to the frozen tundra that is Colorado.

1 Day Until Blogshop

The time has come, friends! I'm off to Seattle. I can't wait to tell you all about the two day party/learn-fest that is Blogshop. And after Blogshop, I'll have a whole week of relaxin' with the boyfriend in Seattle-town. MUCH NEEDED. See you when I get back, dear readers! Oh who am I kidding, I'll be blogging from Seattle.

And I'll probably be posting pics like this to Instagram... and other cramazing things.

Image by Olivia Larrain Heiremans. Found via Miss Moss.