Really looking at artwork and interpreting it for myself, without any research or supplemental materials, feels strangely unnatural. Grad school basically tells you, you can't create your own valid opinion about a work of art without support from other scholars and factual evidence... sighhh. Way to ruin the fun, grad school.

In the name of MORE FUN, Artsy Forager and I have cooked up one awesome project that involves art, Pinterest, and YOU... we're like arty mad scientists over here. Art Association (think word association) involves creating a Pinterest board around one work of art and all of the things you think of while looking at it. Anything and everything that comes to mind will be pinned... no holding back and no grad school judgment. This month we're looking at Laura Newman's Rorschach... and let me tell you, it's fascinating what I started associating after really looking... I mean, you guys see two people blowing bubbles at each other too, right? No? I'm a bit sleep-deprived...

L A U R A  N E W M A N  :  R O R S C H A C H

So what did I see?? The way Newman's bright colors spread across the image reminded me of open spaces, where land, sea, and sky come together. The graphic black lines made me think of closed spaces like art galleries with sharp, angled walls. After more looking, maybe too much looking, the way the different colors mix together reminded me of people hugging (or blowing bubbles at each other apparently)... and of course the colors immediately made me think of rainbow cake.

T H E  P I N S

BUT WAIT, I'm saving the best for last... Artsy Forager and I are inviting you to participate too!! Create your own Pinterest board based on Laura Newman's Rorschach for a chance to win one month of free BOSS ad space on artsocial. This top spot gets you shout outs on twitter, facebook, and a spotlight post all about you, Boss. At 200x400 pixels, you're blog, shop, or biz will get some pretty rad (and much deserved) exposure. Let's showcase your awesomeness, huh?

- Follow artsocial and Artsy Forager on Pinterest (if you already follow us, you're in bro).

- Create a Pinterest board titled Art Association.

- Pin Laura Newman's Rorschach along with anything and everything that you think of when looking at Newman's work.

- Leave the link to your pinboard in the comments section of this post.

Done-zo. The pinner with the best art associations (as judged by me and Artsy Forager) will be chosen on Wednesday, September 26th at 5pm (mountain standard time). Cannot wait to see what you guys come up with!! Get creative with it, friends... unlike grad school, there are no wrong answers.


Would you like your artwork to be featured as an Art Association subject? Aww yeeahh... email for more info.

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