My Weekend in LA (aka I saw 4 celebrities)

Last weekend I was in LA with my bestie. We ate LOTS of delicious food, saw amazing art (and my favorite artist in the whole world Allie Pohl), and saw a few celebrities (ahem Philip Seymour Hoffman, Zooey Deschanel, Samantha Ronson, and Jessica Alba - woot!). Such an amazing weekend can only be summed up in photos (unfortunately, I don't have photos of said celebrities... but I swear I saw them!): {FOOD} Coolhaus. This is where awesome ice cream sandwiches live. And that paper wrapped around it is edible - genius! and a little weird.

Chocolate and coconut macarons from Lette... still waiting for these babies to come to Denver. HURRY UP.

Yes, those are tiny flowers in this eggplant dish... FLOWERS.

Picca, I love you. With 2nd floor seats overlooking the main dining room, it was the best people watching ever.


L&M Arts Gallery, Matthew Ritchie: Monstrance


Picked up some suh-weet posters from The Poster List and Cyanide Stitches (a local fave!) at the Renegade Craft Fair. The craft gangster in me was so excited.

Oh LA, you are awesome.

Images in the Rando Fun Times section by Janna Fisher.



Guess Where I'm Going?

LA!! (Did the image give it away?) So excited to visit my bestie in Los Angeles again. I think it should be a monthly tradition, but this thing called work keeps getting in the way, what the eff... anyhoo, as I'm gearing up to leave I'm getting oh so excited to eat here and see this. And I can't wait to share my weekend of art & food with you when I get back!

What are some of your favorite places in LA?

Image found here.

Art... Word Up

"Use your words." I often say to my 4 year old niece... and sometimes to my boyfriend. Words are a great way to get a message across (obvi)... and when words are combined with images? Well that's just the bees knees, my friend.  

City Neighborhood Posters found here

DENVER in words and Seattle in words by January Jones Prints


Want more word art? These Word Paintings by Wayne White are word genius!