Shoes and Views #30

Mix two parts wishful thinking and two parts those are definitely leaves on the ground... I've got all terrain tromping on my mind. Cheers to an adventuresome weekend! 1: Merrell Chardonel High Boot 2: There Used to be Nine Planets © Kate Donaldson Photography


Let's Go Ride a Bike

Biking adds infinite color to the running inner monologue that accompanies my life. Sometimes I feel like Sophia Loren. Sometimes I feel like Christopher Lambert in Highlander. The deciding factor is usually my choice of footwear. My husband and I ditched our car when we moved to Denver 2.5 years ago. Where having one car is considered a "car free" household by most. Nope, we're not altruists or enviro thumpers, just exceptionally fond of transport on two wheels.

Above: merrell evera Peep Toe / giraffe on bike and bear on a bike via dark cycle clothing / skirt garter clip via bird industries / bike planter via wearable planter / bikes are sexy via practical rabbit / biking is for lovers via dark cycle clothing